Take My Trembling Hand

I understand how you feel

No need for words

I too am hanging on

By a few frayed threads

All those faceless women

Coming through your door

Headboard banging against the wall

Primal sounds pierce the night

A flash of forgetful pleasure

Then silence

Out the door they stumble

You alone in your bed

The daylight will come

Your problems still there

Swimming in debt

The court date is set

Three times cuffed

Is no drunken charm

They will take all away

Yet still you live like a whore

More flashes of joy

Hedonistic pleasures

To be repaid with interest

The walls are closing in

There is no escape

Except that one option

What is that you mumble?

You want to surrender?

Life is no longer worth it?

Leave your debt behind?

Unpaid years of whoredom?

But this is no option

My friend

You have two little girls

This is no noble Roman act

Accept your punishment

Realize your mistakes

Let them knock you to the ground

Wallow in your fall

From once peak economic heights

Reflect on how you got here

Redefine what peak height means

Begin to slowly crawl

Get to your knees

Try to stand

I am your friend

I will not hand you a knife

But I offer my trembling hand

We can stand together

Walk with me

And at least try

To begin anew