Averting Cannibalism

Man has made great errors in his purposes.  Often he believes the purpose at hand is to serve or be served, to exploit or be exploited, or to serve God.   To serve another is to be a slave and submit to exploitation.  To be served is an illusion of success and the perpetuation of exploitation.  To serve God is to admit failure, for God is merely a corrupted interpretation of the divine in man’s image.  As long as man measures himself relative to other men, or to God, he will continue on his miserable misdirected course and close in on and devour himself.  The only way out is to define and serve goals and visions defined by himself.  In this way, man can measure himself relative to the progression of those goals and visions defined by himself and rejoice in his open-ended and upward ascent, or shed tears of joyful sorrow in his fall.