Why Blog?

SocratesI have often questioned why I blog.  All that I have posted could simply be written in a journal and kept private.  In fact, much of what I write is fragments from a journal and thoughts from many…many years ago.  And journal writing is much freer, truer, purer, and contains more depth and content – for you are both the voice and the audience.  Better yet, journal writing is less vain, less egotistical, and less impulsive.  Below, I have a little fun with this debate that goes on now and again in my head of whether to blog or not.

Socrates:  So Tincup, why do you blog?

Tincup: Well, I decided to create a blog when another blogger was censoring my comments about a topic I felt strongly about.

Socrates:  I see.  So once you created your blog and made several posts, did you adequately express yourself in regards to that topic?

Tincup:  Well, when I created the blog I decided to incorporate more than just that topic and expand it to incorporate many topics.

Socrates:  Why didn’t you just create your blog to adequately address that one topic and then stop blogging?  In other words, why did you expand the topics on your blog and why are you still blogging?

Tincup:  Well, I guess I wanted to see what other people thought about what I think in regards to those different topics and ideally use the blogging format to debate different thoughts.

Socrates:  Does that occur?

Tincup:  Well, it did at the beginning, but I have found those that don’t agree simply don’t engage.

Socrates:  So, why are you still blogging?

Tincup:  Well, it seems like some people are interested in what I am posting.

Socrates:  How do you know they are interested in what you are posting?

Tincup:  Well, sometimes they hit the “Like” button.

Socrates:  What does “Like” mean?

Tincup:  Well, it means they liked what I had to say.

Socrates:  Are you sure?  Might there be any other potential reasons bloggers might hit the “Like” button

Tincup:  Well, maybe they feel obligated since I hit the “Like” button on one of their posts, or decided to follow their blog.

Socrates:  So, if you aren’t certain why someone hits the “Like” button and there isn’t much debate or discussion, why are you still blogging?

Tincup:  Well, I get “X” number of views per day and I have “Y” number of followers.  This means lots of people are looking at what I am posting.

Socrates:  I see.  Well, tell me Tincup, do all those people who are following and viewing your blog actually read what you post and if so, how do you know?

Tincup:  Well, I can’t say for sure.  You see, views can be generated simply by the key words you use in your tags.  Also, I can’t tell if my “followers” read a post unless they hit “Like” or comment.

Socrates:  So Tincup, why are you still blogging?

Tincup:  Well, I do enjoy reading and viewing other blogs and interacting with them.  I have met some very interesting people.

Socrates:  I see.  Do you comment and debate on all these blogs you enjoy viewing?  Have you met all these people in person and shared food and wine?

Tincup:  Well, I don’t always comment or debate.  You see, some of the blogs are poetry or photography or art and it really isn’t for debate.  And sometimes I just skim a post and sometimes I read it and hit the “Like” button.  And no, I haven’t shared food and wine with these people.

Socrates:  Well, couldn’t you simply view and interact with these blogs without actually having your own blog?

Tincup: Well, yes.  There are several people who participate on my blog and other blogs that don’t have their own blog.

Socrates:  I see.  So Tincup, why are you still blogging?

Tincup:  Well, I have lots of interesting things to say about economics, corrupted capitalism, utopia, philosophy, the universe, love, and oh so much more.

Socrates:  Well, didn’t you say in the introduction to this post that the expression of your thoughts contains more depth and content via the journal form compared to that of blogging?  And, how do you know that the thoughts you express in your blog hasn’t been expressed before by other men and woman from the past and present?  And if other men and woman have expressed such thoughts before, men and women who are more intelligent that you, then what service are you truly providing to those reading your blog?

Tin-cup:  Yes, I did say I find a journal to be more valuable to me.  And yes, all my ideas, in fact I would argue all ideas, have been expressed before.  But here is the thing Socrates.  Not all of these people have heard or read of these ideas.  And I can give them a quick taste at no cost.

Socrates:  I see.  But again, how do you know they are reading your posts, that they like them or get something out of them, and that you are also getting value for yourself in the creation of these little snippets?

Tincup:  Well Socrates, it seems we have come full circle.  Let me contemplate our short discussion and perhaps we can continue again after we enjoy some food and wine.  Here you go dear friend.  Enjoy.

The Social Networking Bubble

I wanted to inform my limited participants that I have created an additional WordPress blog entitled The Social Networking Bubble.  I have created this additional blog for a few reasons.

First, my original incentive to create this blog, Contemplating the Human Direction, was inspired by the fact that I was continuously censored from commenting on a WordPress blog that supported Enron.  This occurred before I even knew what WordPress was and I had never considered creating a blog.  Enron, as you may or may not know, was a prime example of a corrupt United States business enterprise that robbed naive investors and employees of millions and billions of dollars through a Ponzi scheme and cooked books.  The corruption and Ponzi scheme was conducted not only by the executives of the company, but also by audit firms, big banks, investment banks, and Wall Street.  Some also implicate members of the government including the Bush family.  Look up Enron if you are interested in the details, but don’t be lazy and read Wikipedia as they are owned by the crooks that control Wall Street and Investment banks so they paint a limited picture.  A good movie to watch on Enron is called “The Smartest Guys in the Room”.

Second, I was also disgusted and nauseated with what caused our financial collapse in 2008.  The corruption, greed, and politics involved with that collapse is truly the pinnacle of our country’s decline.  And the fact that the crooks and current power construct behind this financial collapse are still free and conducting business as usual takes me to the edge of my peaceful tolerance level.  In order to control my anger, I write as opposed to taking other actions.

One of the primary points of this blog is that man’s focus on economics and money prevents us from evolving to greater heights as a species.  There are many other high-level subjects (and personal subjects) discussed in this blog, but I sincerely believe that our hyper-focus on economics is the obstacle preventing us from moving onward and upward.  So many of our problems can be linked to this man-made invention and I have covered these arguments within this blog.

The new blog, The Social Networking Bubble, deals with a very narrow and focused subject matter.  More than likely, many of the posts will be uninteresting to many of you poets, creative writers, philosophers, artists, and broad thinking people.  But the final results of this new blog, if my hypothesis is correct, will be very enlightening and powerful because it will be based on facts.  We will all be able to witness through the Social Networking Bubble how our country has become hostage to a corrupt Ponzi scheme at the expense of driving towards true worthy and valuable goals.  We will see how those that are well connected and entrenched in the power structure work together to make billions and further increase the gap between those that have most and those that have little.

This new blog will also enable me to channel more economical thoughts in that direction which will free me up to post more broad and philosophical posts on this blog that is more focused on the direction of the overall human species.

I am sorry that I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to get to your blogs as of late, but this additional blog has consumed much time and energy.  I look forward to catching up with you and your thoughts.

Change of Season

My last post, regarding Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 movement #2, foreshadows a change of season for my blogging career…LOL.  I believe that piece says all I want to say about Contemplating the Human Direction.  I just wish I could tell the entire human race to just STOP, LISTEN, for just nine minutes, and reflect on this beautiful piece of music.  Perhaps then play Beethoven’s 9th second movement to give them an idea of what we could become.  Oh well, I will continue on with this blog for quite some time with additional rants until I feel I have exhausted the topic.

Once this blog has run its course, I plan to start a new blog that will be centered around photography with some short poems.  There was a high point in my life when I was free with no responsibility in which I decided I would become a photographer.  Unfortunately, I caved in to a generous offer to receive paid for higher education in business and with that decision came responsibility and turmoil.  One good thing did come out of the last decade which is my son.  But one cannot live solely for another.  Out of respect for love, one must become their own person and push on.

I really love photography and short poems.  Photography works the eyes and poems work the mind and heart.  Photography is however, an inferior art form to painting or sculpture because you are using a mechanical device.  But I do like where photography takes me.  It inspires me to roam the earth to seek out beauty, which seems to becoming harder and harder to find.  Over a decade ago, when I was contemplating photography or business, I became a little discouraged with the idea of making a career out of photography.  Several administrators at various photography schools asked me what I wanted to make my primary focus.  I said landscapes and skyscapes.  They said you can’t make a career out of that and offered other venues like taking pictures of products or weddings or portraits or fashion.  It was at this point where I said the hell with it.  I will not corrupt photography for money.

So, I went the business route but didn’t give up on photography.  I purchased an Arca Swiss 4×5 camera and heavy tripod and went up to the mountains and to the ocean for photographic endeavors in my free time.  I have taken and developed several beautiful black and white landscapes.  But I have had a long pause due to turmoil on various fronts but plan to return to something I really enjoy once I get back on my knees…and then my feet.  This blogging concept gives me a medium to share that future work without the expectations of money and career.  The photos above were taken with a crappy cell phone lacking the benefit of proper lenses, film, filters and tripod, but they still obtain some pleasure to my eye.  I look forward to sharing with you better quality and subjects in the hopefully not too distant future on a new blog.  The new blog will be my transition from hoping mankind can turn the corner to simply living my life and seeking beauty.