The Madness of A Lost Society

One piece I don’t agree with in this short film is when they say nothing backs the U.S. currency.  Most people make this argument given we are no longer tied to the gold standard, but the truth of the matter is that since the USD is used as the world-wide currency to purchase oil and commodities (reserve currency status), there will always be demand for our currency.  If, however, should the USD lose its reserve status (because our debt is out of control) the dollar could collapse.  Although there are many aspects of this short firm that I feel hit the truth, there are other pieces where I remain skeptical.  Often fear is promoted with an end-game in mind.  There are those out there who are trying to stir up fear to get people to buy precious metals and of course they are the same corrupt spirits that are targeted in the above film.  We must always look upon each point of view with skepticism, including our own.

“Black Mark of Shame”

“This poor treatment of workers and crass commercialization of the holiday stamps ‘Black Friday’ with a whole new meaning: the black mark of shame.”

Alice Walton – daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton

The above quote turns out to be a hoax that was reported in various trusted on-line sources.  I am going to leave it as I like the quote combined with the Youtube video.  It saves me from going into one of my rants.  But, since I have been talking a lot about Heraclitus lately, let me just say that the “tension” between those few that have most and those many that have little is becoming very tense.  You can only take from the many that have little for so long before they snap…then the chaos…the blood…death.

The New World

It is Thanksgiving day and for some reason this film enters my mind.  I have watched this movie called “The New World” several times over the last week.  I tend to watch or read something over and over again if I find it of interest.  Relative to other movies, this film has less of a Hollywood feel.  I could be tainted since I practically fell in love with the lead female actor who plays Pocahontas (lol).  I don’t have any idea how captain Smith could have left that wild delicate spirit, but ambitions do pull us this way and that.

I think the reason this film is top of mind on Thanksgiving is because I relate this holiday, rightly or wrongly, to the founding of America and celebrating the harvest with the “naturals”.  The film, which I will watch today (again), touches on so many topics that I find interesting.  America offered a new start, a fresh beginning, almost a Utopian scenario.  The land was abundant and untainted.  The people landing on this New World had knowledge of the good and bad from the Old World.  There was a chance to create something different from what existed.

So, on this day, I give thanks to my ancestors who risked their lives and traveled across the ocean with the idea to find and create a New World.  It is the idea and the attempt that I celebrate today — not the Black Friday (now Black Thursday) outcome.