Billions of Earths in Milky Way?

A short post on an important topic — the likely chance life exists elsewhere other than Earth.  Scientists recently discovered that there might be billions of planets in our galaxy that are in the habitable zone for life relative to their life-giving suns.  Almost 80% of the stars in our galaxy are “Red Dwarfs” which are fainter and cooler than our sun, and based on a sample they have a large number of “rocky” planets orbiting habitable zones.  But you can read all the details via the link I post at the end of this short piece.  There hasn’t been a lot of media coverage on the discovery, but it has appeared here and there on the major networks to serve as a short break from all the other micro focused stories on our civilization.

If there are billions of potential planets in our galaxy that have the potential to hold water or are located at a habitable distance from their respective suns, then one can extrapolate what that means when considering there are billions of observable galaxies in our “known universe”.  It is only a matter of time before we discover that we aren’t the only show in town.  So many questions arise when contemplating this reality and what it means relative to our own progress or lack thereof here on planet Earth.  And this idea that we are not alone is one of my primary and naive child-like challenges that I pose to people here on Earth.  Combine this idea with the other idea that the universe and planet Earth is a very chaotic and violent environment that creates and destroys and creates and destroys regardless of the fact we exist — one must contemplate the value of our daily concerns and to what long-term end they serve.

Given the above realities, what are we doing here on planet Earth?  Do our daily or generational or religious or philosophical occupations take these broad realities into account?  Or, do we simply go about our business with our heads buried in the sand?  Unfortunately, I believe we adhere to the later rather than the former.  We are so far astray from an enlightened and directional race or species relative to our potential that one cannot help but classify the human experiment at this point in time as a complete and utter failure.  What new information or discoveries are required to awake the consciousness of the human species?  What events or catastrophes must occur for us to define more significant and intelligent directions?  The boundaries are truly undefined.  The only borders are those that we have imposed and continue to impose on ourselves.  We must deconstruct our current direction, beliefs, institutions, thoughts, religions, philosophies, economies, within the context of these two broad truths and undiscovered truths, in order to re-set our broad and fungible directions.  Otherwise, we will end up like the vast majority of other species on this lonely planet — merely a flash of existence and insignificant within the context of eternity and borderless space and possibilities.

Billions of potential planets