Aphorism 84

The non-human outward is truly magnificent. It encompasses the sun and moon sparkling on the ocean, the clouds, the wind, the trees, the rivers, the earth, our galaxy, the galaxies, our oberverable universe, other universes…if they exist…which I must say probably do because why should only our universe exist? The non-human outward is infinite and eternal. So I believe is the human inward for it was created from the non-human outward. The human inward innately senses the non-human outward, but it is conditioned and trained and rewarded by following the momentum of the human outward. The human outward is a temporary non-eternal momentum that is fabricated on simplistic rules of law and economics that are vulnerable to manipulation and control of the few. The human outward momentum is short-lived and will implode upon itself. It aleady has…our human inward knows…but the human outward knows how to delay the inevitable through the plastic fabrication of credit, religion, isms, and debt.


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