Aphorism 18

There are, relative to the 8 billion humans, an extremely small number of humans that define, control, and direct the human outward.  This small number of human beings continue to feed and perpetuate an inherited momentum from which they themselves gain unfathomable wealth, power and influence.  Through this process that has repeated itself from generation to generation, the few with wealth and power have defined and set the course of the human outward.

Unfortunately, these few men that feed and perpetuate the momentum from one generation to the next devote all focus and energy to the human outward and have lost sight of both their human inward and the non-human outward.  As such, the gap between the human inward/non-human outward relative to the human outward increases generation after generation.  

Man is drifting farther and farther out to sea in a vessel with limited provisions and no inward compass.  One day he will meet the unforgiving and absolute power of the non-human outward.  Only then will he recall his human inward, but it will be just a distant memory and will be of no use to him as the non-human outward terminates the failed experiment and recycles bone, flesh, the extraordinary thumb and relatively large brain for the next experiment.


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