2 thoughts on “Aphorism 7

  1. Well TC, I must admit to being somewhat flummoxed by your ‘Aphorisms’ and I am still absorbing and trying to understand your concept of inward and outward, human and non-human. I think I know you and therefor realize that these aphorisms are delivered with integrity and are a deep expression of your thinking and feeling. Other than that I am more than glad to see you on-line again, although I may have missed any previous posts because I have been distracted by life and am so far behind in reading and commenting that I think I will never catch-up.

  2. Hola my friend. I understand that u are behind as am I. Life is busy now for me as well and has taken some positive turns on most important fronts. Good to hear from u and will be over to see what ur up too.

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