Many say an artist is egotistical or selfish.  This is false.  The artist is one of the most altruistic and valuable of human beings.  The artist wants to share with others what they see as the most sublime of all things…what is of value…what is beauty…what is ugly…what is love…what is hate…what is light…what is dark.  The artist wants others to see what is significant.

dsc_1021bPhotograph by Margo Wiessman

7 thoughts on “Artist

  1. Amazing photo. As an ‘artist’ I must agree, however biased this seems. In solitude we reach out with our visions of the world around us to say “hello – do you understand how I feel?”

  2. Hi Margo, I love this picture, its Rothko-like appearance, its composition, and I like the saturation.
    It must have been stunning to see live…
    About artists, I have known and I still have to frequent a lot of them who are absolutely not open to the others and to their work…

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