The Plug

The contrast between the natural momentum and the human momentum is something I am exploring in-depth as of late.  I have little energy to actually think and write — therefore, I am resorting to video.  Currently, I use the freight train to represent the human momentum and I use views of the sound (Seattle sound) to represent natural momentum.  But tonight, I would like to spend a little time writing about what I call “The Plug” and use Sheryl Sandberg as an example of why a plug exists.

Sheryl Sandberg has been in the news of late because of her new book entitled “Lean In”.   I won’t attempt to summarize what her message is because I will let her tell you herself via the YouTube video I post below.  But, I do want to say that she is the perfect example of why capitalism has been corrupted in the United States.  She is the perfect example of why the middle class is going going gone.  And to rub salt into the wound, she is actually speaking and writing in public as though she is some sort of role model for the rest of us to admire and follow.  She would be much better off keeping her mouth shut while she collects her millions via the out of whack pre-IPO stock grant mechanism that is bringing our country to its knees.

Sheryl Sandberg is no genius that has provided innovative ideas, yet, she is one of the richest human beings in the world.  Why?  Well, she went to Harvard where she met Larry Summers who took her under his wings.  Do you know who Larry Summers is?  If you aren’t disgusted with who he is then look him up.  Let me give you a hint…played along with those profiting from the housing crisis and derivative scam that brought the country to financial ruin.  Through Larry Summers she got high-profile jobs in government.  Through Larry Summers she got connected with people at Google.  And through her work experience at Google she got connected with people at Facebook.  And through her connections with Facebook she became one of the richest people in the world.

How did she become so rich?  Well, when she became a big shot at Facebook, she was granted stock prior to the IPO (Initial Public Offering…or in other words…Facebook becoming a public company traded on the stock exchange).  Her salary is only $300,000, but her pre-IPO share grants will make her a billionaire.  Is this one woman worth a billion dollars?  Is she a human being that provides value billions of times more than the average woman or man?  If you say yes…tell me why you think she is really worth this much value?  Here is what Mrs. Sandberg has made in six months based on selling just a small amount of her pre-IPO stock shares:

Stock purchases, sales, and option exercises reported by insider Sandberg Sheryl since 2005.
  Trade Date Symbol Company Name (Issuer) Trade Type     Shares     Price ($)   Value ($)
4/8/13 FB Facebook Inc Sale 176,452 26.88 4,743,382
3/20/13 FB Facebook Inc Sale 176,452 26.06 4,599,221
3/5/13 FB Facebook Inc Sale 176,452 27.9 4,922,304
2/21/13 FB Facebook Inc Sale 176,452 28.02 4,943,302
2/4/13 FB Facebook Inc Sale 176,452 28.97 5,111,814
1/16/13 FB Facebook Inc Sale 352,903 30.16 10,642,142
1/3/13 FB Facebook Inc Sale 508,118 27.88 14,168,362
12/17/12 FB Facebook Inc Sale 235,269 26.76 6,295,092
12/18/12 FB Facebook Inc Sale 74,538 27.9 2,079,610
12/5/12 FB Facebook Inc Sale 946,588 27.71 26,229,006
11/19/12 FB Facebook Inc Sale 176,452 23.95 4,226,378
11/6/12 FB Facebook Inc Sale 176,452 21.24 3,748,193
10/31/12 FB Facebook Inc Sale 352,904 20.94 7,390,868
Total 99,099,674

So, Mrs. Sandberg has cashed in almost $100 million in six months in addition to her annual salary of $300,000 or for six months only $150,000.  Now, Mrs. Sandberg is just an example.  There are hundreds and even thousands of people who make as much or multiple times more than Mrs. Sandberg because of this pre-IPO stock grant mechanism.  If you look at the founders and entourage of tech companies that go public you will find that billionaires are the norm.

So, what is the plug?  How can companies and the economy afford to pay a few people this much money?  The plug is government debt, private citizen debt, and naive investors in the stock market.  In short, you and I pay for the über rich.  In short, you and I are the plugs.  You and I are the slaves that pay for these few individuals to become billionaires.  And the funniest thing of all is that they then feel entitled or authorized or anointed to become our role models, mentors, and “leaders”.  They feel like they have the right to tell us to “Lean In” to the human momentum because look…they can do it…why can’t you?  Well Mrs. Sandberg…most of us don’t have your Harvard connections do we now?  Mrs. Sandberg…you and your message are laughable.  You should be quiet like others in your corrupt position and just go on quietly living your über rich life style at the expense of the masses.


9 thoughts on “The Plug

  1. So. I am not going to say “Like” to your post. What I will say is thank you for trying to publicise this deeply flawed system and the corrupt individuals who profit from it and its continuation.

    • This bridges of course my other blog…but as you know Ben…our current system is run by legalized criminals…and although she is quite good at appearing sweet and innocent…she is a criminal and a class A bitch:)

  2. these days I realized you are not writing anymore, and I was even wondering what happens to you… today I came and I saw this post… I have no idea who are these people you are speaking about.. but I miss your stories about universe…

    • My stories about the Universe are in my draft videos dear White Spark…and my stories of human enslavement to people like this woman are also in my draft videos. You…being a photographer and philosopher…should understand that there are times when visual arts and silence more appropriate.

      • I know there are times when the silence is better than anything else…. as I used to say, speak only when you think your words are better than silence. 🙂

  3. Hello Tin Cup and thanks for this overview. I have realized for quite a while that our entire “professional class” is culpable in a vast “corruption of values” as symbolized by Ms.Sandburg, but exists from College Presidents, to Doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc…….the “money club” and their shared values. Money is God, money is the standard by which all major decisions pay homage to. When people with my views are heard, the first response is to accuse them of being unrealistic, anti-capitalism, and/or jealous. And as you mention- the very fact that money does flow to them is all the proof they need to feel validated.
    Whether we “the people” have allowed the system to become corrupted due to lack of successful resistance or not, the fact is our American culture is now defined by “money above all” which makes us not much of a culture at all.

  4. This is excellently written. I have not heard of the book “Lean in”, but that is a good point of view in which you introduce in the post. It is indeed sad that money is such a strong driving force in the USA– to encourage corruption.

    • Why thank you Frances…but…I can’t write or communicate perfectly either:) Watch this video if you have time…more is revealed about this person…I say person because I would like to remove “gender”.

      Of course gender is the pivotal point of her message…in addition to becoming “a leader” and “rich”. I have so much to say on this topic and this person Sandberg is a perfect example. There are things that she says which I really really like and agree with…but there is a fundamental gap in the way she thinks about the core problem. She is blind to what corrupted capitalism is. She is blind because she has been nurtured and rewarded by its very existence and perpetuation. All she is doing is perpetuating the fallacy of we all can do it…no matter where you came from or what your sex or race…if you follow your dreams and work hard and lean in…you will be successful…maybe not as rich as me…but successful.

      This is complete bullshit and naive. I could take the extreme end and layout a case for a conspiracy theory and how she is part of it…but I know I am a bit jaded. I simply think she is blind and naive.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. My other blog…covers the corruption of the IPO Process…Facebook is my primary example. If you click on my Gravatar I think there is a link to the other blog.

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