Sights and Sounds of the Sun

There is very little sound in space.  Can you imagine what the sun would sound like if you could hear it up close?  Fortunately, we hear the echoes of the sun’s silent roar here on earth.  We can also see the influence and power of our life-giving star.  Here a few videos I took today at one of my favorite parks.  I also include a photograph below.  I love the contrast of green and blue…I don’t know why…but it is so beautiful.  When I experience and enjoy days like this…and I reflect on my life…I would be ok if death came calling…after such a walk.  I have loved…I have succeeded…I have failed…I have lived.

Solar Wind

Sound of the Sun


Blue and Green

7 thoughts on “Sights and Sounds of the Sun

      • So true isn’t Cafe? I’ve often written about “the music of the cosmos” before hearing this–now I realize I wasn’t just speaking metaphorically.

  1. That’s some crazy wind …I think I would’ve been blown away lol … It is so incredible that these views are not too far from you. I feel like I’d have to travel a long way to see the same. I’m really jealous in a happy-for-you kind of way haha 🙂

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