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Although I have nice photography equipment, I currently don’t have the means to pay for film, gas, blah blah blah.  Eventually I will obtain the means to return on a course that makes a serious attempt to take meaningful images that have a respectable level of quality, but for now…I share this image taken with my phone.  I don’t feel so bad.  I see this view almost every day.  I don’t need to scope out the right vantage point, apply filters, or wait for the right light…or play with development times..dodging or burning or cropping.  This image captures what I find to be so beautiful about a Northwest winter day…in a very rough draft form.









26 thoughts on “Pisces

    • That is a sound…seawater that comes inland…I have to live near water or I get depressed:) Kat…I will get to your comments…thank you for reading all those posts…you either had a strong dose of coffee or a bottle of wine…lol:)

      On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 12:32 PM, Contemplating The Human Directi

      • Haha. Just an unusually steady internet signal. I find that intoxicating too 🙂

        No hurries! There is life outside the blogosphere.

  1. That is “meaningful Image” if there ever was one. Digital is easy. Buy a simple inexpensive digital camera and start that way. The image is only partially dependent on the equipment. It is the eye that sees things which creates the image.
    And there are many blogs with especially well-taken photographs that have no “soul”. …

    • I was trying to find a quote…it was from either Goethe or Marcus Aurelius…that basically said every man (or woman) should become intimate with a certain part of nature and beauty without the need to travel…and this is how I feel about this cell phone shot…I know this area so well…have seen it present itself in so many different ways…that one doesn’t need fancy processes or top equipment or printing technique to capture 80% of the beauty…but…I have experience with using quality equipment and processes…and it does make a difference in the final product…that said…I am thinking of dumping my 4×5 camera for something digital…lol…I think I may find digital more freeing as I don’t particularly enjoy the film printing/development process and all the chemicals…but I still haven’t made up my mind.

      • Just try it. It is easier and you can adjust the picture minimally without betraying its truth. Of course all the alchemical mystery goes out the window…

  2. Like you I used to have all the bells and whistles and needed a pack mule to carry it all – I also loved moodling in the dark room – but going over to digital has changed my way of seeing and freed me up to concentrate on capturing the image. Your other commentators are right, one doesn’t need to spend a fortune any more to make a good picture. You could buy an excellent digital camera with the $ from selling all your equipment (if you can find anyone who will buy it that is)…

    • Thanks DL…there are different points of view on this…one of
      Ansel Adams great friends believed great images could be captured spontaneously with a little shit camera…35 millimeter…etc….and I agree to some extent…but…there are those pictures that are so grand in scope…that to do them justice…it takes a master and equipment…like Ansel Adams.

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