Hip hop Slam

I won’t pretend to be some knowledgeable hip music guy, but I wanted to make a quick slam here at the hip hop status quo.  There is this song I heard on the radio that I kind of like and so I looked it up on YouTube.  Of course I found the hip hop version (second YouTube video below) with the “stars” and the lights and the costumes…the YouTube post had almost a million views.

But, then I stumbled on the below YouTube video (first one below) that has three people playing the same song in a van.  I’ll take the version in the van seven days a week including sunday.  Of course this version and performance of the song only had around 11,000 views.  I am glad social media enables such a version to exist…a version most of us would never have seen prior to the existence of an alternative outlet to mainstream media.  A good example of how the creative process can be used to make money or to sing from the heart.

7 thoughts on “Hip hop Slam

  1. I love this song. I have heard the 2nd version only during X factor performance by the original singer Guy Sebastian (he is Aussie) and on radio and I loved that. The first one sounds nice as well.

    • lol…you like the hip hop version don’t you 🙂

      It is the only version I had heard as well…but I really like the version and musicians in the first youtube video. Read about David Knight (http://www.davidknightmusic.com/fr_davidknight.cfm) and Blue Ruins (http://www.theblueruins.com/fr_home.cfm) if you have a moment. Also…this whole van thing cracked me up…and was amazing how good they sounded with little else…but then I learned these musicians in the van are obviously quite good.

      Now…do you think the composer of these lyrics and melody really enjoyed having that known rapper or hip hopper singing his lyrics??? If you watch the second video…it seems strange to me…watch the interview at the end. I think he wrote a beautiful song, melody…but sold it for money and fame. Of course…that is just my opinion…obviously more people like the hip hop version…and you can click on the YouTube video at end to see him sing it himself…which is quite different.

      • so do I….it was we are exposed too most of the time…u have to search for something different…and thus…when people get busy….they simply listen to what ever is “popular”.

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  2. I’m with you TC – there’s something about the simplicity of the in-van version and the passion and quality of the woman’s voice that drew me in to watch the whole video – I rarely do this…

  3. Stumbled upon you and your blog and your comments about myself in the van jam session, THANKYOU! We are overwhelmed with how much love and kind words we have received from recording a well known song in a van on a crappy camera haha. Very happy to know its been enjoyed, and just to let you know, its now up to 84,000 views, happy days 🙂

    • Lol…it was a crappy camera…but you…I assume you are the singer and your boys were awesome. Thanks for stopping in. I will look for some of your songs on Pandora!!!

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