Unnatural Borders

annapurna_ii__himalayas_nepaltectonic platesI have often thought about and expressed my opinion that our man-made borders are unnatural, or falsehoods, or near-sighted.  Think for a moment about all the countries throughout the world that divide seven billion people into sub-groups.  Indeed, in the distant past, isolated cultures and countries were the seeds to variation and diversity.  This was good.  Variety is beautiful.  But, we are becoming through technology, economics, and politics, more homogeneous.  We are becoming more and more dependent on each other.  There are fewer resources like fertile land, fresh water, clean air, and employment opportunities to care for seven billion people.  And, our technology has the potential to wipe us off the map if we make some poor decisions.

EarthI often look to the inanimate for clues as to how we might approach thinking about our existence with one another.  My first thought is plate tectonics — might it make more sense for us to form borders along the earth’s moving plates?  We would have to merge several countries to adhere to the earth’s natural borders.  Of course, this is also a bit near-sighted.  If we rise above the earth, we will see that earth’s plates really become less significant.  The environment outside our earth is a cold, dark, and unforgiving place.  If we thought more consciously or unconsciously on the cosmic level, as a species, we would be far wiser in our approach as to how to construct our momentum to ensure not only our survival, but also our quality of life.  There are no separate oceans — all ocean water circulates through the currents and becomes one.  The wind and air circulates around the entire planet.  The rivers flow to the sea…the sun heats the sea…clouds form and circulate with the winds…the rain replenishes the rivers.  There are no separate continents.  All are in motion.  They separate…they collide…they are never static…they are never the same.  Change and borderlessness is an inanimate truth that we should consider when contemplating the fruitfulness of our joint future momentum.

6 thoughts on “Unnatural Borders

  1. Whenever I allow myself to look more deeply into whatever I experience (called variously “things”, “the world”, “life”, “reality” etc.) I always find myself drawn back into the Taoist/Zen conception.

  2. Long ago it was pointed out (R. Buckminster-Fuller/Spaceship Earth, et al) that the next logical evolutionary step in our development would be to realize that we are one undivided world lost and floating in the abyss of Outer Space and that we should work together and combine our resources in accordance with that reality and awareness of it. Clearly this step is not going to happen. The human being cannot extract itself from the most primitive and petty backbiting politics–really nothing more than troops of baboons battling over “territories”, both physical and ideological. As such, we continue to myopically destroy ourselves and the world we inhabit rather than facing up to the truth of our improbable existence and the obvious conclusive necessity of working together to preserve that existence and create something actual and enduring value out of it. I might even sum up this entire problem in a single and quite apropos sentence: We have the Superbowl, but not the Superman. We are “asleep at the wheel”, and sooner or later we are going to crash and burn.

    • lmao…where the hell did you find this R. Buckminster-Fuller/Spaceship Earth???? Of course you…of all people…would dig out this treasure…lol. I will look into it 🙂

      And I loved your short comment (short for you). Yes…we aren’t far from the animals…pissing here and there to mark our territory.

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