Alive — Fiat Lux

Fiat Lux
Education, for the most part, was painful, dull, a prison — sitting at a desk surrounded by four walls with no windows.  I can think of only a handful of teachers that made education interesting from elementary through high school.  It wasn’t until I entered the gates of Berkeley that the university’s motto “Fiat Lux” kindled a passion inside me for knowledge.  And it wasn’t just a passion for knowledge, but a passion to learn how to write and think…for myself.  It was this challenge that led me to major in Rhetoric — a very difficult and challenging liberal arts program that focused on ancient classical literature and persuasive writing.

Doe LibraryThis period in my life was truly beautiful…”Mens sana in corpore sano”.  In the morning and early afternoon I would attend class.  In the late afternoon I would spend hours on the green field playing baseball.  In the evening I would go on campus to one of the beautiful large libraries to study.  Ah, the libraries on this campus were truly divine — the musty smell of the past…the quiet echoes…the purposeful architecture and decor…a place…a temple…constructed so those within could appreciate and worship knowledge.  This beautiful place was built to pay homage to great minds from the past that cared enough to speak in hopes we will be supple enough to listen.
campus2It was in the depths of library halls or basking in the dreamy sunlight on some grassy campus knoll that my passion for knowledge began to over-shadow my passion for baseball.  Over-time, ironically, it was the baseball field that began to feel like prison — mechanical, repetition, compulsory, a burden.  I was no longer interested in devoting so much time and energy to a game with defined rules.  I didn’t want to become a full-grown man still playing a child’s game.  The world was so much bigger and wider and freer than the walls of a baseball field.  And so I let go a big piece of who I was.  Feeling alive and free was now more about thought, contemplation, observation, and exploration — it was about noticing the light.               

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  1. Sounds like a very romantic life 🙂
    Amazing how certain chapters in our life are such huge turning points for us. Maybe this is what you meant when you said certain things in college stayed with you…

    • Romantic…lol…that me…romanticizing the past…

      Yes, this certainly was one of those pivotal moments…where I am and who I am now is quite different from where I would be and who I would be if I had made a different decision…including what to major in…although I didn’t tell you all that I minored in Businesses…lol…a slight censor 🙂

  2. I am glad and lucky you overcame your passion for base-ball. We might never have enjoyed your writings.Tell me, was it a close shave?
    Here we have a similar game called cricket. People hitting a ball with a stick and then they run around. I still don’t understand it completely but would have by now (after so many years).if I was interested.

    • LOL…not sure what you mean by a “close shave”…perhaps you mean was it a tough decision??? It wasn’t too tough…it was a heart decision…but all those around me thought I was stupid…my mom called me a stupid idiot…lol.

      I am glad you enjoy my writing thus far…as I enjoy yours. Cheers Mate!

      • Exactly so. I lived in Palo Alto, then Sunnyvale, them Mountain View from 1979 to to 2010. Your entire post, not just the pictures, reminded me of those places and that atmosphere.

      • I lived in Palo Alto Hills (you know the area right…near Foothill park)…from what…age 7 to 18…then 18 to 22 in Bezerkely…lol…lets see…we were breathing the same air and stomping the same ground at the same time:)

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