Battle-worn Spirit

Bald Eagle Soaring
What remains after the human momentum has consumed all the body’s energy?  Is there still something remaining that is uniquely you…your body of work?  Did you protect and preserve the best part of your being?  Or did you let them rape and ravage your spirit along with your flesh and bone?

14 thoughts on “Battle-worn Spirit

  1. I feel like when I was being fully consumed, I lost a lot of that spirit. And it was when it got to a certain point where I knew I had to get it back, it had gone too far, that I started taking care of that part of me better and protecting it. It’s still always a struggle to not fall into temptation to go back to being consumed — I’ve been battling some decisions the past couple of months in my head about that. But no matter if you do return to “the human momentum” for whatever reasons, you have to always fiercely protect that best part of your being, because it seems so easy to slide down that slippery slope where you lose it.

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself Ms. J:). Worse yet…the momentum can be attractive…seductive…short-term highs…then numbing out the lows…so many tricks…sedation and contentment difficult to resist…taking existence with a light heart…going with the flow…there is a fine line there right???? As u say….the slippery slope.

  3. What remained were my sons and my art – they could never separate us. ‘They’ never raped or ravaged my spirit, nor did they strip me of my self – ‘they’ are too stupid to know what is essential…

  4. i do believe that i still have to unveil the best part of me…sometimes when i am travelling alone i find bits and pieces of myself as i discover a lot of things that i was not aware of before…and it makes me proud of myself…..but oftentimes when i am consumed with anger, bitterness, anxiety and a lot of other negative thoughts i end up being ravaged by these negativity that i dont see anything unique within me. so it is a continuous struggle not to be haunted by the past and not to be affected by these negativity surrounding our thoughts and emotions…and to constantly remind us of our inner beauty.

    • Hi there Susan. Thanks for your comment. Indeed, anger, bitterness, anxiety, can consume and ravage us. On the other hand, so can contentment and sedation and submission. I find the later to be more dangerous and that which in general consumes the souls of the majority of mankind without a fight.

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