Alive — Baseball

baseballWhy did you commit so much of your youth, from age seven to twenty, to this game called baseball?  What drove you to work so hard, for so many years, to improve?  And why…after all that dedication, sacrifice, and improvement…when coaches and scouts were talking about your great potential to go professional…did you decide to leave the game behind?  And you know…had you continued with passion and focus…that you had a very good chance to go all the way…barring injury and getting some good luck…or avoiding some bad luck.

In a way, this game molded and shaped the core of your being…your brain…your identity.  For no matter how we try to spin it…we are what we spend most of our time and energy doing.  And, what we do in our youth, while our brain and body are developing, shapes who we are then and well into the future.

dusk2Your passion for the game formed early in your childhood–it was torture watching your brothers play organized baseball.  In everything else…all other games and adventures…you were included.  But organized baseball wasn’t available to kids your age.  You really were obsessed with this sport at that early age.  Remember when your parents said we were moving to California…you thought…that will be a much better place to play baseball since it is sunny all year-long.  But this only explains the interest.  What kept you engaged in this sport for so many years?

diveWell, to answer this question, I must try express myself at the unconscious level..which is really what being successful in sports is all about…not thinking…instinct…letting go…a relaxed state of wildness.  You loved to be outside…the smell and look of freshly cut grass…the sun…the clouds…the wind blowing shadows over the field…the war paint under the eyes…use of muscle…physical skill…overcoming odds and failure…slamming into the dirt head first full speed…blood, sweat, dirt, stained mix of all three…sacrificing body with graceful abandonment…body parallel to ground…every inch stretched to the limit yet relaxed…slow motion…flying through the air…reaching for the white spinning leather.

DuskWords meant nothing…actions and performance told all…lead by example…motivate others by visible deeds…sunsets…dusk…the smell of night approaching…lights…feel more alert…all is more visible…sense of speed and courage increases…healthy pressure and stress releases adrenaline into blood…no fear…immortal…muscle and bone prepared to collide with earth or other muscle or bone without reservation…intimidate opponent with speed and unbridled desire…quick bat…sweet spot…crack…run like the wind…quiet…invisible…here then there…gone…white lightening.  Pain, injuries, cuts, blood, bruises…battle scars from being Alive.  Continual improvement…no limit…pushing oneself…by oneself…to new levels.

lightsNo wonder you excelled at this game.  So…why did you give it up?  Because you realized baseball, in its highest form, is for kids.  Because you didn’t have anything in common with those around you.  Because you weren’t after fame or fortune.  Because you wanted another challenge in the sphere of consciousness.  Because you knew there was much more to learn, explore, and experience…outside the defined rules and walls of a kids game.

17 thoughts on “Alive — Baseball

  1. Yet I believe nothing is wasted – nothing this significant anyway. So the challenge must surely be to uncover and realise what contribution to your life’s purpose baseball is meant to make. At that unconscious level you know, maybe always knew. In time this too shall be revealed since you have the intent for it to do so. This may sound a little “New Age”y but in fact this perspective is of course timeless. You are on the trail of the unicorn, my friend.

  2. I’m with Ben Naga. I don’t know baseball, grew up in UK with rugby and cricket, but through your post you inspire me to explore the game. I’ve never heard you wax so poetic about anything as you have done here about baseball…

    • Thanks John. Well…you can apply it to any sport…Rugby, American Football, Football…of course the experience with sports played indoors (like basketball or hockey) wouldn’t be as beautiful…the outdoors is key.

  3. Great post brother. I witnessed you do some things on the “field of dreams” that would blow some minds here. Yes, you could have “made it big time”–but as you correctly conclude here and in your real life decisions, big time would have been small reality. As you know, football was my equivalent passion in that stage of development–I loved it for similar reasons you express here, and I left it for the same reasons you also expressed. I wanted all of those positive experiences but taken to a much higher, much more profound and developed and cultivated level. This led me to leave what I now refer to as the temples of the Superchimps in favor of Art and Philosophy. As you again correctly conclude, these “games” are for children. Unfortunately, we live in a world of children who glorify and inordinately value and reward the overgrown children who excel in these infantile games. The flip side of this is that we also live in a world that not only has no conception of the higher realms beyond these childish games, but in no way values and even punishes with deprivation those who have the will, courage and creativity to occupy such realms. You have of course finally found out what it is like to be subjected to these punishments that I have been subjected to for my entire adult life. We are told through propaganda that they somehow “come with the territory”. Maybe that’s true–maybe the price if outgrowing humanity is being irrevocably ostracized. There’s enough proof of that historically. Yet I find it insupportable how this society glorifies overgrown brutal babies in football and baseball “suits” and their bimbonic “cheerleaders” and “supermodel” girlies, as if these puerile puppets are really the “highest” things our civilization can achieve. It’s really no more than Alpha-baboonism upon closer
    inspection. Witness the deluge of resources that are poured into this nonsense while the truly creative and intellectual human beings are marginalized and starved out in the dank peripheries. Well, you “reap what you sow”–and what we have is a comical caricature of culture, retarded creativity, and arrested development. Hail to the Philistine Empire!


    • Yes DS…right on the mark. And of course, we can lump all the other “entertainment” industries into the same lot as sports…Hollywood…Disney…Music…where all our “heroes and aristocrats” reside. The masses, quite simply bored and unfulfilled with the grind of human momentum, which they blindly ride along with and further perpetuate…turn to a vicarious relationship with the entertainment industries to gain a sense of being or sense of Living. They fill up the modern day gladiator arenas…fill themselves up with bud-light…wear their team’s jerseys…and scream and yell for a few hours…then they drive home…back to the grind. All over the world…these gladiator arena are filled with the masses…for various sports or concerts…billions paying billions for their vicarious fix. All these “entertainment” industries…quite frankly…further dummy down and numb the masses…analogous to “the Feelies” in Brave New World. It gives the worker ants something to talk about around the office water cooler…gives them all something in common to help comfort each other that they are all in this together.

    • My comment to you

      “Your comment has prompted me to look out my copy of “Rollerball”. (The 1975 one.) Thanks.” has ended up as addressed to your brother above. 😦

    • Actually, I think you are mistaking baseball for American football. Your only other mistake is about the music of Lady Gaga, which is actually played often before, during and after the games. Beyond that, you are correct–football is a field day of thinly veiled closet homosexuality.

    • LOL…got some of your spark back I see…I am surprised you were able to post the word Bieber on my blog…I thought I blocked that word from ever showing up

      hahaha…capri pants (Dragonstrand notes wrong sport)…well…those Euro Football or soccer players look pretty gay to me…always falling down and whining rolling up in the fetal position….or taking their shirts off when they score a goal…I guess Hockey is a good man sport (from your roots in Russia)…but they touch each others asses all the time…

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