Battle Plan and Love

Lone Wolf

January 7th, 2013

The significant decisions that you made through your own free will were made in the pursuit of more knowledge, love, and beauty.  Or, to put it another way, the momentum and your place within that momentum didn’t provide the right environment to adequately quench your thirst for knowledge, love, and beauty.  If you had chosen to stay the course and ride that wave of momentum you were born onto and groomed for, by those closest to you, then you would certainly be in a better place socially and financially, but inside you would be as you are now on the outside – bankrupt.

The major decisions you made in the past that put you at odds with the human momentum were driven by an internal rejection of, or revolt against, that general momentum.  The gut instinct and will to make those decisions independent of the momentum, was courageous.  But, as with most revolts or revolutions, you lacked a new solution, the resources, the vision, the preparation, and the know how to carve and forge your new path – the resolve, the will to stand and walk alone.  As such, the decisions you made were the right decisions, for you, but the outcome resulted in setbacks, delays, loss of precious time, or quite honestly just a fall back onto the momentum.

These decisions you made on your own defined you relative to the momentum, but they didn’t define who you wanted to become.  In order to become you have to know clearly what it is that you want to become.  And if what you want to become is significantly at odds or indifferent with momentum, then you must have a battle plan and ample resources to carry out that plan.  And if you are alone, with no support or resources from those closest to you that are themselves staunch allies of the momentum, then you must realize that becoming may be a painfully slow, lonely, and a difficult process.  But what good ever comes easily without some form of patience and pain?

Just as important as developing a battle plan and vision, you have to be careful who you surround yourself with.  You have been lucky in love (or have you?) in that you have loved several times and the women were beautiful, but they were all allies of the momentum.  The same can be said of your friends (acquaintances) and family.  Only one family member stood in opposition to the momentum, and he is your greatest ally.  If you can’t surround yourself with allies that are seeking their own paths and that are also at odds with or indifferent to the momentum, then it is best to ensure that you are alone.  Eventually, through your becoming, you will find other like-minded people who you can joyfully let into your life, and vice versa.

11 thoughts on “Battle Plan and Love

  1. “you have to be careful who you surround yourself with”

    TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, the internet and all media. are at least supportive/destructive, or even more so. You are not simply being invited/told what to think/believe but, even more insidiously, *what* to be thinking/feeling about, regardless of what position you choose to adopt.

    • Right on Ben…I find it so hard to watch the news now…I can see right through it…I only watch it to confirm my perspective isn’t way off base…unfortunately…it seems my perspective is right on tune. I haven’t been watching much TV lately and if I do…it is usually a movie that interests me. Another important ally not mentioned is of course writings, music, and art from those great men and woman from the past…problem there is…most of them are no longer with us. Cheers.

  2. I just read your last few posts. I really admire you for taking this deep look into your life and situation. I hope you are finding more and more peace with yourself through this process. I think surrounding yourself with the right people and support can make a world of a difference. I know that firsthand for sure. I hope you continue to find more allies to pull into your army 🙂

    • I have been meaning to read that post of yours about your difficult relationship…I will get to it. This process is kind of interesting…see if it goes anywhere. Lol…not expecting an army…a few people is enough for me :-). Get rid of that flu bug.

      • Do you mean the one about emotional abuse? That was actually written by a guest blogger although I’ve been through that type of relationship as well. But that is not my story 🙂

        Haha, it’s okay, it can be an army of few. I can’t remember the exact details but I remember that story about an army of just a few hundred soldiers wiping out thousands from the Persian(?) Army through clever tactics. Not that you’re trying to wipe out the enemy =P but I mean sometimes it seems like those who aren’t acting as your allies are so many in number and their power is too great to overcome and not succumb to. But with the right strategy (your “battle plan”!) you can prevail 🙂

        Oh, I’m now full-blown sick 😦

      • Oh…whoops…lol…well you should write one…I must say you blog is very interesting…a very inclusive blog…like a warm cafe and open discussion…must be a lot of work though…lol. I think you are referring to “300”…the Spartan soldiers that took on Persia. Better yet…Gladiator…I loved that movie when it came out. That is an era I think I would have rather lived…or Ancient Greece…if I wasn’t a slave or a peasant…

        It will be fun to continue on with this writing project…not sure exactly what the battle plan is…lol…and in reality…the momentum doesn’t really care about an individual and his/her wants…so it really isn’t a war…it is something else…which I will blabber about..ha ha.

        Take care of that bug…it is a nasty one I hear. I don’t usually get a flu shot…but I am thinking about it…it has killed a lot of people for this early in the flu season.

      • Historians, archaeologists, anthropologists and other experts do not necessarily view “300” in a favourable light since the film in many ways has been dubious and problematic in its depiction of the cultures, costumes, customs, sexuality, and body and gender politics of the Spartans and Persians. Some would frown upon such depiction, which has disrespected, disregarded, distorted, omitted and sacrificed, in varying degrees, the authenticity, veracity and historical accuracy of those peoples and events in favour of entertainment value, and which has also egregiously projected (stereotypes of) contemporary social norms, popular cultures and media conformity onto those ancient peoples and places.

      • SoundEagle…I have heard much criticism of 300…and you echo those sentiments. Imagine the kind of films that could be created to bring those ancient giants to life if done with resources and integrity?

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