The Power of Critical Thought

Ocean expanseMy mom sent me a book called something like the Power of Positive Thinking.  I never cracked the cover.  My dad sent me an article on the power of negative thinking.  I skimmed through the content.  So which is it?

Well, I think the real power resides in the realm of critical thought.  There is a difference.  Often, people may view a critical thought, observation, or expression, as negative.  But, from my perspective…a critical perspective…such a way of thinking is the means to a positive direction…or a contemplation of a more positive direction…for oneself, and perhaps others.

Of course, like with any tool, there are dangers.  Critical thinking cannot just occur outward, but also must occur inward.  Often, I may become imbalanced, look more outward…and not enough inward.  The danger here, of course, is that one looks outward to explain discontent that is inward.

Hong KongI have a few ideas that are brewing in my head that I plan to post in due time, which will be examples of this critical thinking process and the positive aspects of it…if done correctly.  As I intend to write these posts with truth, honesty, and content, to the best of my ability, these thoughts must first be put to pen and paper…after some long walks, reflection, observation, both outward and inward.  They must first, and foremost, be written by myself…to myself…and for myself.

17 thoughts on “The Power of Critical Thought

  1. I’ll be waiting for your thoughts as this is an important issue to me. I cannot just “not react” or not have an opinion about things. Where is the line between “negative” and “critical” ? and by “critical” I mean the perception by others that one is looking at things negatively, when in fact one, and that is me, is examining the subject and trying to understand it. In this culture expressing opinions is not really welcome, I think.

    • he he…yes I know…the hollywood culture…the happy pills…oops…I was just critical without explaining myself…oh well…another day perhaps 🙂

      Wishing you well veraersilla.

  2. Thinking is more than just being aware of a bunch of thoughts bouncing around in our heads.

    Therefore can non critical thinking even be described as thinking at all? If not then there is no such thing as non critical thinking 😉

    • LOL…good point Abandon TV. I guess we could try and define critical thinking…but I always struggle with definitions…and I will go way back to a poem or riddle or something… I wrote in college…when our professor asked us to write an essay or short piece defining Ice:

      Ice is Ice is Ice
      if that does not suffice
      Language has to right
      to claim I cannot write

      For if Ice is not Ice
      then Fire is not Fire

      What is a word
      If it needs another word

      To define the other word?

      LOL…I had to read this out loud to the class…hmmm…a little embarrassing…

  3. The last sentence touched me. That is the way I write, though I only realized it a couple months ago. Thanks for making your internal communication available for those who may hear. I am looking forward to reading what you come up with!

    • I am glad you are interested and share the thought…yes it will be in journal form…not sure how it will go…have several nights of money making ahead and then time for some walks and thoughts and reflections and writing…cheers to you.

  4. Good luck in your journey, it’ll be interesting whatever you may find. Reflecting critically can be a great thing if you use what you find to move forward to better things 🙂

    • What are u doing coming to the dark side…no creme or sugar here…lol…yes…critical thinking can lead to a state of paralysis…we will see if I can get my legs back 🙂

    • ha…no new figure of speech…I know you like coffee…I too love coffee…with creme or without…I was just pointing out the tone here is a little darker than your bright cafe 🙂

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