Another good piece for contemplation regarding the recent murder of children. This author lives in Ireland. I agree with much of the content…only piece I diverge is that I am agnostic…


This world is broken, and I wonder is there a way and a will to fix it. I pray to God to guide us, the oppressed of this world, and show us how to fix it. This world that was given to every human being it seems now is only for a chosen few. Those with wealth have the right to sit and talk with the leaders of their country to ask for favours, and to create policies that will create more wealth for them. Those of us who are marginalised do not have that same right. We are not given time to speak to our leaders and ask for polices to enhance our lives. We are not important to the leaders, who by the way we put where they are, in order that they create an equal and civil society. We are important to God, we are all God’s…

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