I found this to be an interesting perspective…the author searches for a more complex explanation as to the increase in mass shootings. I too have socialistic impulses…a model like Denmark (blend of socialism and capitalism)…but…I fear it just won’t work in our country…the momentum is too great…the cycles of have most and have little has created an intellectual vacuum…you can’t change the tires while in motion…ironically…the only place to start anew…is with the young…a break from what is…and here we are…murdering them…with guns…or bankruptcy…sorry kids…the government spent all the money and has nothing left but a huge IOU…and you need to figure out how to pay it back…maybe you can get a loan at 20% interest from the uber rich

Barking In The Dark

I suspect that this latest tragedy in Connecticut – and all the other mass shootings, is the unavoidably inevitable result of a system that will steadfastly not  guarantee all it’s citizens a good free education, birth to death healthcare, and fails to maintain and build on its once great manufacturing base thereby losing work for its citizens, but instead continues to squander it’s abundant riches on waging wars, building a larger and larger military – with all it’s ancillary trappings, in order to assert its hegemony – all the while creating an ever widening have and have-not society which breeds anger, ignorance, desperation, and the ultimate resulting violence – and the need to loudly proclaim “I exist, I am, look what a fearful thing I can do.”     

 I am afraid that unless capitalism rights itself (when hell freezes over) this condition will only worsen – and lead to bigger and greater tragedies. If this sounds a bit like a wish for benign…

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  1. Change is always possible. I am much more sanguine about America’s future.The Netherlands had an eighty year war with the Spanish and mass killing then was the norm too.
    You are doing ‘changing’ writing very lucid articles. If enough keep at it, change , no matter how slow will happen

    • Thank you for the encouragement. Yes, I suspect that if I didn’t believe in the prospect of change I wouldn’t bother writing. But, the people in the Netherlands are a very unique people…it is in their blood…I have some Dutch in me….lol…and the population is small. The united states is pretty large…I fear what once made it strong…the melting pot…is tearing it apart. If meaningful change occurs… I see it happening at the state level…maybe regions…maybe even smaller at city level….I see a break up of the union or the united…it may also get bloody

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