I enjoyed this poem…fits in with much content that I try to express

Samantha Mariah Jane

I believe in the Golden Rule,
and that two wrongs don’t make a right.
That for some beliefs, and those we love,
we need to take a stand and fight.

I believe in right and wrong,
Shining through the thick gray steel,
not since a book has told me so,
but from what I learn and feel.

I believe I’ve much to learn,
and that it’s wise to question truth.
For he who claims to know it all,
is surely King of Fools.

I believe in Mother Nature,
her beauty and her power.
Miraculous. Mysterious.
Indiscriminate mix of showers.

I believe that life is good,
an uphill climb each day,
where life’s rewards aren’t found up top,
but in the journey along the way.

I believe I’ll wake in the morn,
as I’ve done thus far til now.
and yet I know there comes a time,
when I’ll have no more tomorrows.

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