I thought the art piece was pretty intense…not sure about the comments on men though…lol

Martha Chiara


Could it be that I am just dumb as shit. I look forward to something, feel like an animal. I am not walking, I am not living, I am not. Everything around you is cust dark and I am fucking hurt, but never show it, just do not. Emotions are weaknesses, they can harm you. No expressions, no movements, no admitting, ’cause when you do, they hurt you. They they they will hurt you, they do. All these men, complexed you are and may it be, that family is the reason for it. Hell lives in you, explosions of emotions, metal music. Break out, break it, everything, and you never give away

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  1. Interesting eh that some coloured grease on canvas can evoke such feelings – imagine if warm colours had been used instead of black, or the eyes were changed just a little or the horn like lines were not there. But it is what it is and the artist chose to place the lines and colours just so and leave it as is to express the intense and unsettling image that we see. And what we see is an interpretation of who we are. Deep fears and superstitions still dwell close to the surface of humankind but I think it was Jung who suggested that until we can love The Shadow within us we cannot obtain peace and wholeness…This painting touches me deeper than any pretty landscape or vase of flowers – it reaches into the dark, unknown where art grows its roots…

    • I couldn’t agree more. I look at this piece, given the context, and I think about my dark-side…or what I like to refer to as the Dionysian…all those explorations of shadows and the excitement or thrill of the dark…that runs deep within us…and expresses itself in thought, action,or art. Of course some will call it the devil…I do not.

      But, there is of course the other side…the Apollonian….the light….and of course I borrow this concept from Nietzsche who borrows it from the greeks…that is…the duality of the dark and light within us…and around us…and how each of us comes to terms with the duality defines who we are. Does one shut out the Dionysian or feel guilty about anything that approaches the Dionysian in action or thought or expression…or does one embrace it and explore it…or kneel entirely before it…at the expense of the Apollinian? How does one understand the differences if one doesn’t explore each and come to terms with them both?

      • Absolutely – if a full life is what one desires then one explores and embraces every aspect of that life. Many beliefs still recognize the indivisible two faces of life symbolized in their deities / symbols and the Taoist Yin/Yang is probably the best known. Humans created dualism based on observation of nature – to adhere to one side of the coin and reject the other upsets the cosmic balance…

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