Love Letters — Second Love

Dear Second Love,

SF SymphonyDo you remember that night at the San Francisco Symphony?  You were sitting between me and our mutual friend through whom we came to know one another.  He liked you, but I couldn’t restrain myself any longer as the intoxicating music led my hand secretly to yours for that first soft gentle touch.  Gentle touches evolved into passion and from passion into fire.  So many memorable days and nights together on that beautiful campus.  You really were a sexy, smart, sassy southern California girl, but I admired that you remained grounded in your original culture.  Both families accepted our Love and so it seemed we had a future.

SalzburgBut, we both graduated and off we went to earn our way — you to Southern California and me across the ocean to Europe.  We bridged the distance via the written word and overcame the obstacles threatening our Love.  You left your job and secured an internship in Europe — together again not just in spirit, but in the flesh.  You were expecting the proposal, and rightly so, but it never came.  All those romantic opportunities in Paris, or Tuscany, or Venice, or Vienna, or Salzburg — a little planning, a little thought, a few words, to ask for your hand.  And when you asked me to accompany you back to the U.S. as you pursued your graduate Ivy League education, I said not now, for I had planned a year-long journey throughout the old world — a year of complete and total freedom.  You said there would be consequences…and I accepted the challenge, promising to return after my journey.

HarvardUpon my return, you had a boyfriend, but that didn’t stop us from sharing a bed.  I knew he was nothing more than revenge.  And I was excited, for I had discovered my path — landscape photography.  You, like the others, frowned upon my discovery.  And I understand.  A life with a man pursuing such a dream would be full of struggles and poverty.  You loved me for my thoughts, but perhaps more for my potential in the world of business.  You appeared ready to let go — and so I went.

Hong KongI was shocked when you called me so upset, crying, when you learned of my marriage.  You said, “Why didn’t you tell me you were thinking of getting married?”  Well, the thought never crossed my mind…you loved me for who I might become, not for who I was, both the good and the bad.  You recently contacted me and I learned you are living in Hong Kong, probably making loads of money — that you are married to an English journalist and you recently gave birth to a daughter.  I bet she is beautiful.  I wish you Joy and that your Love endures.  Perhaps you contacted me to ensure you made the right decision.  You did.  I am poor and continue to struggle finding my way through this maze of mediocrity.

15 thoughts on “Love Letters — Second Love

    • Thanks for the kind words Ben…I have found that I like to keep things I enjoy doing separate from the business of making money…earning money dictates what you would write…or photograph…which is why I like blogging…no grand ambitions of making money…just letting me express my honest thoughts when and how I want to do so.

      • I have no trouble understanding and honouring that perspective. Indeed, I write from a similar place. My comment was essentially intended to compliment you on your your writing skills; the journalism notion was a byline, bearing in mind your current situation. 🙂

  1. What kind of woman would not support your love for photography over a job that makes more money. if it’s a calling you must take your place. If you don’t you rob someone else of there dream. It throughs the world off balance. Give me a small home with a happy husband any day. I’m sorry you were not supported. I was not supported either and it crushed me. If it were not for my fortitude and a beautiful husband I would be a wreck! Good luck LOVELY blog. I’ll stop by more often!

    • You must be a special woman or person to think the way you do. It wasn’t just her, but her parents and my parents…all frowned upon the idea…and it did crush me…the lost decade plus in some regards. But, I am not dead yet 🙂

      I am glad you liked a sample of this blog…it isn’t all love letters…lol.

      • Oh not special at all just a plain old girl from Iowa! I think there is nothing more powerful then a human answering there calling. When I told my father I was going to photography school he through a full can of pop at my chest and proceeded to try to beat me. SO I know what it’s like to have people not want you to do what you are meant to do. When my husband told me he wanted to be a teacher we moved back to the midwest so we could actually live financially. My money is where my mouth is!
        If your blog were only constructed of love letters I would still read it. Every love letter I read makes me fall in love with my husband over and over again. I’m happy to read each one! Have a beautiful week and I will be stopping by again!

      • You mean your money is where your heart is 😉

        I would’ve preferred a beating…as opposed to other trickery. Truth is I didn’t have enough fortitude or mental toughness or conviction to carry on…but that is all in the past…I have learned of my mistake and perhaps others might as well. I look forward to visiting your site.

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