“The Story of Your Enslavement”

I find this video rather interesting.  I am not sure I agree with all the content, but it is certainly food for thought.  I also plan to read more about Mr. Stefan Molyneux (about him).  I do have some strong vibes that the vast majority of humans are being used and exploited like batteries (The Matrix) powering the wealth generation of the few.  I am not, however, convinced that the rich and powerful have developed a coordinated plan.

I do know, and I have attempted to express this, that money, debt, and credit, makes it very easy for a few to control the many.  Money is, in my opinion, a fallacy.  Each human being is a source of energy, a flame, that can burn given the proper foundation and environment.  But if a human being can’t think for itself, perhaps all it becomes is a source of energy for another’s use and gain.

I also am interested in researching Edward Bernays (about him), mentioned in this short film as the father of propaganda.  I think the media and the advertising/marketing machine is a powerful form of brainwashing that helps perpetuate over-consumptions, or as stated in the film, creating a demand for things when there is no need.

14 thoughts on ““The Story of Your Enslavement”

  1. My comp must be bitchy today – I couldn’t get any sound on this but the imagery spoke for itself rather well.

    I was uncomfortable.

    I am (and have always been) an anarchist of sorts (they have cute terms for it now like ‘Prepper’ or ‘Mormon’ or ‘Weirdassed Survival Nerd’) and it was the ‘stop, pause – evaluate’ of this vid that has me doing all three in spades.

    Abuse via loss of reproductive freedom/rape , cruelty in general, child abuse, elder abuse, misogyny, more and more and more …

    I am half through the vid as I type this – if my opinion and feelings change I will comment again.

    Thank you for posting this.

    Even if I can’t watch it all in one sitting it is important to pay attention to the message.

    Koyaanissqatsi did the same thing to me.

    Life out of balance – something very wrong with everything…

    Now – how do we fix it?

    • ha ha…the computer I am using is out of date so I can’t watch Youtube videos at the moment…I had to watch this via my phone…you need to hear the words. I found this video when I was watching the video in previous re-blogged post (you should check out that video as well…a good prelude to this one).

      So you have anarchist impulses…like I have utopian impulses…probably stemming from the same observations of what is. How to fix it? Shit, I don’t know. I know utopia is out of the question….you know…an intelligent approach to civilization.

      I am beginning to lean towards the idea of simply going your own way…turning your back on all that is. Perhaps a catastrophe…either natural or man-made…is the impetus for a change. But the memory of mankind is so short…big events come and go…and we keep doing the same stupid things. Anarchy is interesting…people have told me I have such an impulse…I don’t know.

  2. Hmm, I did not even try to watch the video, I do not want to become more upset than I am already. Anarchy I share in, and it is a good principle but not productive. It quickly leads to wolf-eat-wolf, I think. Utopia is equally attractive, but it is a very non-practical ideal too. I believe that all churches are attempts at utopia but in trying to make it exist, the minds of participating people must be blunted. Religion does it as effectively as the ads-PR groups. We live in a global “groupy” society – why else the frenzied waiting for the release of a new cell phone-I pad
    (whatever it was!) this Summer ?? that was SOOO crazy, such effective manipulation of the crowds worldwide! what to do “to save the world” ??? I do not know. Try starting a new cult…. But I personally retain my European realism, my opinionated, skeptical, curious, compassionate, and free-thinking self. I can at least save myself.
    At 75 I have seen many ways of life. I retain skills and the ability to adapt that few younger people have, and all would do well to learn.

    • Oh come on Veraersillia…watch it…treat it as though you were just watching an entertaining horror film…lol 🙂

      You also need to watch the first horror film (previous post)…all these are good preludes to Huxley video.

      Your comment is wise and taken. Thank you.

      • … hey, I do not watch horror films… AND I NEED NO CONVINCING – especially by biased parties – I am convinced already.
        I did watch the excellent Huxley video. He has been one of my favorite thinkers since I was a teenager.

      • LOL…your boy Huxley is mentioned in both films…you have the intelligence to weed out the right material in these preludes to the Huxley video…trust me…there are some good pieces contained within…but if you don’t like horror…I understand.

    • The misconception that Anarchy “leads to wolf eat wolf” is based on the notion that human beings cannot be anything more than wolfs. Strange thing is, I’ve never seen or heard of a wolf eating a wolf.

      The problem, as all problems related to humanity, hinges on enlightenment. If the world was full of Buddhas and Jesuses, Anarchy could be a workable model. So, for that matter, could Communism; or Socialism; or Capitalism; or Tincupism. The rift between idea and reality is poignant and palpable– another way of saying that the only thing standing in our way is ourselves. And yet, what an insurmountable boundary that is. It is a matter of mind over matter–unfortunately, matter seems to win out again and again. It could be otherwise, but it isn’t . . . Ad infinitum, ad nauseum. The human can’t overcome “the Wolf” within, nor even be the wild and pure beauty that the Wolf really is. Hence, we live stretched on this rack . . . of being unable to take the next untaken step. We are like a creature that has its foot caught in one of those rusty, iron traps–which we ourselves laid.

      • Well taken, dragonstrand – figures of speech related to animals do not generally reflect the actual ways of nature but the ways of man. I love and RESPECT wolves and all the other animals who bear the brunt of our calumnies without deserving them at all.

      • I of course, having read your comments here in many of TC’s threads, knew that about you V. You are “no spirit of common rate”. I also sometimes engage in such calumnies. My most common failing is comparing humans unfavorably to apes, even though I am more fond of apes than humans and find apes in many respects at least equal if not superior to the overwhelming majority of humans I have known and observed. I guess the best way to sum this up is to say that animals are beautiful simply being what they are, but humans are ugly when they are caricatures of animals instead of embodiments of what they could be and most of all become.



  3. The solution is within each of us. That is why it is so difficult to achieve. I love the teachings of Christ, though I do not limit myself to one set of teachings. We all know there are degrees of corruption everywhere at this point, so it is simply a personal choice to support it or not. To what degree of corruption it takes for a person to exit will vary. We can’t force people to choose or be anything, but we can empower ourselves to live outside the madness and that example is what shows others that it is possible to exist outside what they have become dependent on. It is all up to personal choice though, so there is no reassuring guarantee like all these external solutions try to sell us. One sad note is that most people are far too dependent to even fathom life without a system to provide them with what they need, regardless of the amount of corruption. I do not believe that having a system to care for people is inheritly a bad thing, for all that is can be applied with an infinite number of potentials. It is simply our collective state of being that leaves any system/solution at the mercy of our application of it. I appreciate all the people who are questioning the intentions and morality of our way of life and considering new directions that empower individuals to live with a greater sense of self awareness.

  4. As a follow up comment I might say that complex problems with innumerable strands woven in rarely lend themselves to the “magic-bullet-across-the board-one-way-does-it-all solutions”.
    And to disentangle individually is easier said than done. Mentally, yes, it is quite easy instead ! The solution may be within us but only for each of us singly and WITHIN. That mental freedom remains.

  5. I am always so impressed by the comments on this post, especially Dragon Strand and Veraersilia. You wake up my mind from its attention to acrylic and oil paint and layering of transparent colour and the juxtaposition of this form with that one. I am not unaware of the issues you speak of so eloquently but can only speak with a brush or pencil. Your words form ideas that are equivalent to the visual art of the masters and I humbly admire your intellect. I am so inspired by your writings and am grateful to find, through TC, that people such as yourselves still exist in my world…

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