Love your servitude

I was planning on writing a post called “Love Letters”, but the last few posts have taken me   a different direction for the moment.  The below YouTube video is an interview with Aldous Huxley that took place in 1958.  As some of you might know, Huxley wrote “Brave New World”, a novel that hit an inner chord.  There are several novels, poems, pieces of art, music, that hits my inner chord, and this novel was one of them.  The video is around 28 minutes long, but it fits well with the last two posts and I wanted to keep it handy for my own use.  I enjoy watching Huxley maintain his total control during this rather hostile interview conducted by Mike Wallace.  Keep in mind…Huxley knows the press itself can be used as a vehicle to control the masses.

24 thoughts on “Love your servitude

  1. I’m not trying to make a statement of any sort, but I watched this video last night! Interviewed by Mike Wallace……I’ve been studying (youtube is amazing) Jung, Alan Watts, T. McKenna,
    Tolle….etc………the internet has greatly enhanced and quickened our ability to study the “masters” in ways never before possible.

  2. What a historical piece of philosophy! Thank you for the documentary.
    What are Aldous Huxley with Leornardo da Vinci, Jules Verne, Edgar Allan Poe, Franz Kafka, Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus or Stanley Kubrick in common. I think philosophy and creativity, fantasy about future that become reality. Some people have to do that, quite irrealistic.

  3. Tincup, I’ve been researching on line a lot of consciousness-related speculations……which has led me in part to psychedelic and plant based “consciousness altering” substances, and maybe led me to Huxley who has some history of pro-psychedelic opinions I believe. I do not take these substances myself, but there are some fascinating reports relating “opening the
    doors of perception” that often occur. If there is one common reaction to psychedelic use as i’ve read, it is making clearer and more powerful distinctions between the individual and his place in the cosmos, and the larger social institutions that have served to shut the doors to such realizations over time. Seems “we” are trying to see “reality” as close to what it really is, and understand how institutions have put inhibitions and injunctions against “knowing who we are” as Alan Watts, for one, has suggested. Are we free human beings, of cosmic origins and
    relationships, or are we functionaries of a capitalistic overlay? And at what point, if any, do our philosphical concerns about these issues become more serious, more life-changing? What kind of future can we aspire to, and how would it be different than where we seem to be heading now? And would not such a future require some “group” effort, and not just isolated individuals?
    You are preaching to the choir, and I’m glad you are……

    • Thank you for your comment and comments…they are always appreciated. As I have said before, the comment section is the fruit of a post. I have never taken a psychedelic drug…but now I am tempted…lol. Shit…we only live once during this short span of eternity. I need to think about your comment…it revolves around the duality of group dynamics — we can achieve more in numbers and as a group…but perhaps we lose some individual freedom and creativity in the process…and the group can always be subject to the wrong course.

  4. Yes, the “group” is an ambiguous and uncertain quantity. How about a “loose association of
    speculative cosmologists! Maybe that is what you are doing in a way…..
    In 1966, I did a school term paper on LSD. I do not remember what interested me in that topic, but I felt quite uncomfortable getting in front of my high school English class to read my paper on such a “strange” topic. LSD was discovered by accident by Albert Hoffman, a Swiss chemist. He wrote a book on the subject called “My Problem Child”……..

    • LOL…you did that in high school…lol…that is brave. I really like the term you used…”loose association” of more enlightened beings…we come together to get the basics done…but part to pursue our true individual interests.

  5. Huxley, Leary, Ram Dass and Watts changed my life for the better. LSD and magic mushrooms wiped my old slate clean and opened the “doors of perception” for me. There are still so many things to be learned from the tabula rasa properties of these substances. But I should note that the state of mind required before ingesting hallucinogenic drugs is of paramount importance. This is a sacred ritual that if abused can lead to a journey through hell. The results are also transitory but can trigger a desire to change like nothing else can…

    • If I’m not mistaken, Huxley took acid on his deathbed. TC, I didn’t realize my own brother had never “tripped”. Probably when I was experimenting in that realm I had been successfully portrayed to you as Lucifer incarnate, so I never got to take you along. On the other hand, I’ve never done ecstasy, which I’m sure you have many times. Probably a little bit of a generation divide there. We should bridge that gap together. 🙂

      I preferred the more organic experience of mushrooms, which was also shorter lived. My one experience with LSD, which was described to me as an 8 hour trip, ended up being 12. I was at the beach with Jeff Freeman and his little brother. While I preferred mushrooms, my experience with acid was by no means a “bad trip”–but it was far more intense and the length of it seemed to magnify that intensity. We put on wetsuits and swam in the ocean among porpoises and seals, whose tribes I believed in the moment I had joined. I became indistinguishable from the water I was immersed in, which was itself indistinguishable from the greater whole of the Cosmos. I’ve since had much more profound experiences of this union that did involve intoxicants–philosophy for me is a much more effective, and enduring, means of attaining to it. But in my youth, at the age of 19, it was means of glimpsing things that I did not yet have the experience or tools to access a vision of. I certainly don’t begrudge those experiments, and am curious how my philosophical growth would impact and enhance them if I were to re-engage in them now.

      • shit, if I took LSD in this frame of mind I would probably have a bad trip and curl up in a ball…LMAO…or perhaps something else…start swimming towards an Asian island. I don’t think Ecstasy would be anything near LSD or Shrooms…

      • I saw an online video of Huxley’s wife describing given her husband LSD as he was dying…… his request of course, and she described it as an apparently positive experience for him. not your everyday way to go, and I doubt LSD was covered by his health insurance…..ha,ha…..
        by the way, do you, or anyone else, have a theory or philosophy as to the “why” of magic mushrooms on planet earth? Is it possible to have a “real relationship” with the mushroom? is it possible it serves a function for the human consciousness, as an orange or carrot serves the human body? Terrance McKenna thinks they helped shape the evolution of the ape to the modern human, for example.

      • Intriguing queries askcheeta. Have you ever seen the film “Altered States”? It had a huge influence on me at the period I was making my experimental journies, and has some connection to your questions. Check it out if you haven’t seen it already.

      • One more thing about the “magic mushroom” I wanted to mention. I believe there have been some suggestions that the victims of the Salem Witch Trials may have either ingested mushrooms, or accidentally absorbed psilocybin through their feet during barefoot walks in the forest. This completely makes sense to me, as the myopic confines of convention and conformity are so utterly evident when one is “shrooming”. I can imagine someone accidentally absorbing psilocybin and them walking into a concentrated hotbed of such convention and conformity and being unable to do anything but
        speak the truth about it and embody the creative difference. Next thing you know, you’re being burned at the stake.

        As for the “why” of psilocybin, who knows? The fact that there are naturally occurring mind expanding substances embedded in Nature gives much food for thought. And what could be more arbitrary and betraying than the fact that the State bans and criminalizes these substances under the pretext that they are a “threat” to the status quo and something the people need to be “protected” from.

  6. good stuff. I guess I believe that as long as we keep our rational feet on the ground, “broadening our awareness” in responsible ways is a worthy and perhaps life enhancing pursuit. And sharing ideas helps too.

    • Sometimes, though, we may find mushrooms under those “rational feet on the ground”. And this may take us to irrational and even–heaven forbid!–irresponsible places.

      I’d like to hear what you think about the film Altered States when you see it, if you have not already.

  7. askcheeta.

    You ask about a “theory” for LSD on earth. I have one (not new, it came to me years back). It relates to the old maxim: as above, so below. When humans discovered nuclear bombs, they were then lead to discover “by accident” LSD, which is both the psychic analogy to the Bomb and, neatly, can allow humans to evolve beyond destroying themselves. An aside: after I went through an “enlightenment” experience I realised that two of my friends had had the same experience. Of course, I went round to see them both (separately). After I had told them what had happened, each of them! said exactly the same thing.

    “Do you want a cup of tea?”

  8. “Do you want a cup of tea?” That would be a nice “mantra” for humanity. The energy of the Bomb can destroy, or it can run the electricity in our dwellings. Fire can heat my home, or it can be used to burn my home down. In the right hands, used in the right way, LSD etc, can be used to enlighten and benefit, or they can be used by military or CIA to “defeat” an enemy.
    Perhaps mankind is split between those who yearn for world peace and brotherhood, and those who would kill to be on top, to dominate, to control. Someone once said there are certain types of people who will “kill” to be leaders, and they are also the worst possible leaders for humanity. Looking around, so many leaders are corrupt and self-serving and more committed to institutions than humanity. What will it take to change that dynamic to having more enlightened leaders? Maybe a first step is for “the people” to better see certain leaders for what they really stand for, and get angry in sufficient numbers to make better choices.
    Anyway, just jotting down ideas………all is mystery in the end I guess. I’m in the camp who wants the greatest good for the greatest number- and of course that simply will not cut it with the dominating few!

    • Yin and yang? A posting from October (


      Two tribes on this planet hand to hand
      Two questions: how and when (if ever)
      Shall we convert this armoured nightmare
      This fortified dungeon run on greed and fear
      By its bastard sons, rampaging ironclad
      Roughshod from poverty to exorbitance
      To a life built on sharing, love and laughter?
      As above, so below; as within, so without
      And the starting pistol is here at hand

      As was recognised long time since, the two key control points are Education and Media. “They” use that fact, “We” only seem to make use of it sporadically.

      And from November (


      There’s no “them and us”
      Those who ravaged our lives
      Had their own demons

  9. There’s no “them and us”……………a fine point to ponder. Do we accept darkness or even embrace it, or do we try to “stamp it out”…….daylight and night, yin and yang, seems even congress is experiencing the confounding nature of polarities………… could be when push comes to shove, we are more comfortable with the “separation” of disagreement, than the “togetherness” of agreement. In that sense, world peace is as scary in some ways as world conflict! Maybe the world is just as it should be…….

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