The Madness of A Lost Society

One piece I don’t agree with in this short film is when they say nothing backs the U.S. currency.  Most people make this argument given we are no longer tied to the gold standard, but the truth of the matter is that since the USD is used as the world-wide currency to purchase oil and commodities (reserve currency status), there will always be demand for our currency.  If, however, should the USD lose its reserve status (because our debt is out of control) the dollar could collapse.  Although there are many aspects of this short firm that I feel hit the truth, there are other pieces where I remain skeptical.  Often fear is promoted with an end-game in mind.  There are those out there who are trying to stir up fear to get people to buy precious metals and of course they are the same corrupt spirits that are targeted in the above film.  We must always look upon each point of view with skepticism, including our own.

4 thoughts on “The Madness of A Lost Society

  1. This sounds like another “end of the world” paradigm, and propagandisticly fear-mongering – you are correct in suggesting skepticism, which is a very difficult view to hold for Americans. Huxley was a prophet almost in spite of himself. As such he spoke in riddles and symbols. There is no need of an actual person-dictator to “control” the masses. It has been done for a long time now by the advertising and public relations industry in all its manifestations. Witness the shopping frenzy which gives people the strange high we call “madness of the crowd” – and “madness of the cult” when it takes place in a religious milieu, where it has reached the point of collective suicide.
    That “high in the crowd” is this society “soma”, administered directly to the minds of people. Because people NEED to believe in SOMETHING – whatever it may be. As far as the imminent collapse of the monetary system, I agree with you. It is not just yet coming. There will be many slow changes but not that end of the world scenario, pooof-bang ! The moneyed echelons are finding ways to protect their dominion, and with it, unwittingly, the captive populace at large.

  2. Google: why Gadaffi was killed and check out the YouTube doc: The truth about Libya, Gadaffi and illuminati. I wish they left out the illuminati part in the title because that label has been smeared with illegitimate crap and it is hardly even mentioned in the documentary. Oil backs our dollar for now but how much longer can we expect that to last?

    • Great point. There is a theory out there about the U.S. interest is not in oil, but in ensuring we maintain our reserve currency status…which enables us to keep printing money and exporting inflation to the world. As such, the U.S. will use its power (military)to confront any country that challenges our reserve currency. Which regimes challenge our reserve status in regards to oil???? Libya, Iraq, and Iran…all trying to set up a means for oil to be traded in another currency other than the U.S. dollar. As such, the U.S. talks about terrorism or weapons of mass destruction or nuclear threats on U.S. and Israel…but the underlying impetus to attack a country is to preserve the status of our reserve currency.

      I think this theory may have some weight. A paper currency, that can be printed at will, loses all value. In fact, I argue, from a philosophical perspective, that paper tied to a gold rock doesn’t mean a god damn thing. Can we eat gold? Can we eat paper? But, if you tie a currency to oil (energy) or commodities (food), a currency takes on more inherent worth…even if it is still nothing but an approximation of the worth of those things being mined, grown, and consumed.

      Indeed, oil will run out…but the powers that be will try to tie the currency to the next source…nuclear, solar, wind, water power…whatever. If our currency loses this connection to things people throughout the world really need, kiss it good bye.

      Look up Mike Stathis…he has some very controversial thoughts regarding Jewish control and domination of banking and key positions within the American system, but his economic principals are very sound. I don’t buy into his argument that there is one group of people controlling all, but I do buy into the characteristics of a spirit concerned merely with taking advantage of the populace to make billions of dollars for themselves. It is, so I am beginning to think (or form and argument), a loosely connected group of corrupt spirits that are taking advantage of the 7 billion people in the world via the complexity and fallacy of the financial system to make themselves hyper rich and powerful. I am not convinced there is a strong coordinated effort among these evil spirits and corrupt souls…rather the tools have been handed to them (discussed by Huxley in a post further up) from technology, combined with huge populations, lack of education…propaganda…blah blah blah…basically has handed them the golden key…in other words…the means to take advantage of the masses has fallen into their laps.

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