Why this?

I was driving home this morning and saw something special — the full moon setting and illuminating a cloud.  It was that type of moment where you wanted to capture and hold it with a photograph.  I tried to drive to a hill where I might be able to take a shot via my cell phone, but the moment had passed, like so many special moments do.  Directly behind me I noticed that the sun was beginning to illuminate the sky behind the mountains.  I realized no photograph, painting, or poem could describe this moment.  I began to think.

Here I am, on this planet, somewhere in space, right between the moon and sun, but only for a brief moment — always rotating, always flying, never still.  And this doesn’t just apply to the ground I am standing on.  The sun, the moon, our solar system — just a miniscule piece on the outer arm of a gigantic galaxy that itself is rotating and flying through space.  And so it is with everything we can observe in this known and observable universe.  Perhaps we could even say universes are rotating and flying as well — perhaps even larger mega universes that contain billions of universes within are also rotating and flying through some form of infinite space.

I then reflected on my life, the lives of people I know, the lives of the strangers I observe everyday.  And I think to myself — why this?


11 thoughts on “Why this?

  1. You are asking the eternal atavistic never answered question that humans have kept asking for millennia. Myths and religions were invented to respond to and resolve this conundrum but none really ever succeed. Maybe blogging will…? That is should all have fallen together by itself through time is for me the most enchantingly poetic and probable answer.

  2. We are children of the universe- sounds like a cliche but true enough? Then who brought us into being? why here? why this, as you say……the universe is stranger than we imagine, stranger than we CAN imagine someone has suggested. Maybe our universe exists in a rock on a star way out- let’s just hope some being doesn’t come along and kick the rock.
    It is a lot of fun to speculate- why not? Do we think science or religion has the answers? This
    blog is one way to open the doors of our perceptions, perhaps, and help create bonds between us speculators! Think free!

  3. Why this? I took your question in this context as referring to the inability (which I suffer from every day, every moment) to bridge the yawning chasm between the beauty, power, mystery, openness, boundlessness, creative possibility, et al of Universal Nature . . . . and what the human being has come to regard as “reality”, as “what is”, and the corresponding “life” it leads as a direct consequence of that perception.

    Your thoughts and your images here reminded me of this:

  4. I’m enjoying listening to the music, dragonstrand………….funny, i never hear this on top 40 radio…….I just hooked up some good external speakers to my laptop and it really helps…….

    • Glad to hear it askcheeta. Here’s another piece of music, very different from the ones I linked above, that also reminds me of TC’s subject. I’m intrigued by the idea, explored both in this song and the accompanying video, of human beings who have become so consciously immersed in and at one with the mystery of the eternal cosmos that they can no longer identify with that human “reality” I mentioned above (or the “this” TC is referring to), thereby becoming essentially “aliens” on Earth.

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