Universal Question

If scientists believe the universe and time began with “The Big Bang”, then they know nothing about the importance of foreplay, or the possibility of the multiple orgasm. Why should our universe be the only one?

6 thoughts on “Universal Question

  1. I think multiverse is one word used to describe multiple universes…….why not? science and astronomy and cosmology have made great strides in modern times, but one wonders if the human intellect has a “cap”, that certain knowledge is beyond our ability to “compute”? That a different “intellect” than man’s is involved in the cosmos. I’m not trying to make a case for “God”, just an observation that certain mysteries seem beyond our ability to understand. Not that many scientists believe it is just a matter of time………it has been said that we humans are made of the materials of the cosmos- maybe the best way we can study the universe is to study ourselves? Is there any subject more awe-inspiring than the cosmos?

  2. The comical subjective blind spot of science is the allegedly “objective” belief (note: belief is never objective) that something can come from nothing. This is, objectively, as blind as the belief that the existence of something can be explained by the insertion of an undefined word–“God”–that somehow, even though no one has any idea what the fuck it is or means, “created” it. Both of these “answers” are just blind attempts to conceal the objective fact that existence is eternal–without beginning and without end–and utterly inexplicable. Words fail. Theories fail. It’s enigma defies and eludes these feeble human “answers”, which are in fact no more than the bumbling assertions of dunces. A few philosophers and sages have grasped this–otherwise, humanity has proven a barren wasteland in this regard.

    I enjoyed your procreative metaphors as symbols of human myopia and it’s will to make an infinite Universe in it’s own finite image.



    • LOL…good question…of course…I assume…given the idea of eternity…that we have had an infinite number of lovers…and thus foreplay has occurred over and over again…not sure if the multiple occurs very often though…LOL

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