5 thoughts on “Corrupted Capitalism

      • Indeed, you have hit the nail on the head in a most succinct manner. We live in a Sadomasochistic Empire pathologically obsessed with Domination and Submission. I’ve penned many aphorisms and some essays on the subject–shared them with alleged “intellectuals” who can’t fathom or accept it when I make the point that when they go to rock or hip hop concerts, or professional sports events, they are no more than abject slaves groveling at the feet of their lords and masters. They actually somehow imagine, as they are flagellated into adoring pulp while no less paying their flagellators to crack the whip into their submissive flesh, that these despotic torturers are their “liberators”. I find this cultural aspect of the phenomenon endlessly fascinating and at the same time profoundly symbolic of the whole phenomenon itself.

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