“Black Mark of Shame”

“This poor treatment of workers and crass commercialization of the holiday stamps ‘Black Friday’ with a whole new meaning: the black mark of shame.”

Alice Walton – daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton

The above quote turns out to be a hoax that was reported in various trusted on-line sources.  I am going to leave it as I like the quote combined with the Youtube video.  It saves me from going into one of my rants.  But, since I have been talking a lot about Heraclitus lately, let me just say that the “tension” between those few that have most and those many that have little is becoming very tense.  You can only take from the many that have little for so long before they snap…then the chaos…the blood…death.

8 thoughts on ““Black Mark of Shame”

  1. A Walton said that? but Walmart is ahead of many in crass commercialization and dismal treatment of workers. A large black mark of shame is on THEM.

  2. It makes sense that the Walton quote is a hoax, or else it was just a lie through her teeth. A friend showed me this video among other videos of what happens in America during “Black Friday”. It is ironic that the day after giving thanks is dedicated to fighting like animals for materialistic things.

    • Well, the only reason I bought into it is that the Walton family is no longer in control of Walmart — Wallstreet is…and the daughter is into art…so I thought perhaps she may see what is happening to her father’s company and spoke out.

      As far as the behavior goes portrayed in that video…you would think the stuff they are fighting for was food and that they hadn’t eaten for a week. It is this type of behavior in America…the herd mentality…as it relates not only to this example but also to Hollywood and Entertainers (Beiber for example) that disheartens my hopes for any kind of meaningful turnaround as a whole.

      And there is more to consider…lol…see…now you have me ranting…the reasons behind this behavior are many…the constant bombardment of advertising and the “hip or hop life style” portrayal in contrast to poor education, stagnating wages or unemployment, and the profit motive gone wild to such an extent that the vast majority of people in this country are viewed merely as an economic units and drained. When a deal comes along for an Iphone or an Ipad or whatever…the herd starts gathering…well…enough of the rant…I do enough of that here…lol.

  3. Video is not only unbelievably insane but downright scary – this is the apocalypse of consumerism and the darkest side of capitalism – may the gods help us all when it is food not technology that is up for grabs…

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