Wisdom knows ignorance is eternal




Whoever cannot seek

the unforeseen sees nothing,

for the known way

is an impasse







The river

where you set

your foot just now

is gone –

those waters giving way to this,

now this






The soul is undiscovered,

though explored forever

to a depth beyond report





Applicants for wisdom

do what I have done:

inquire within







Just as the river where I step

is not the same, and is,

so I am as I am not





The harmony past knowing sounds

more deeply than the known.



8 thoughts on “Wisdom knows ignorance is eternal

  1. I would like to add that the unforeseen is new knowledge we acquire. Stasis left behind. Not that Heraclitus needs any addenda, but this post of yours made me think about how the concept applies to me.

    • I think this sage would agree with you. But I think one of his key points is that given change is the only constant, we will be forever chasing knowledge…that there is no stable truth…no rest for the mind…ignorance always a step ahead.

      “Things keep their secrets.”

      • Sure, but after all isn’t it just that impermanence that makes life interesting – those secrets and those next secrets to chase? why – it may be a source of desperation for some, but I find it interesting that new water always runs. I do not want to live with my feet stuck in assured well-known cement, although many surely do. Truth does not have to be “stable” to be truth. IMO only the stupids hold a non renewable perennial “knowledge”. I think he meant to say much more than “there is nothing worth having, thinking, or doing”. He threw out a challenge to live free. And we don’t know what else he said in ALL his work because it did not reach to us.

    • “Those unmindful when they hear,
      for all they make of their intelligence,
      may be regarded as the walking dead.”

      “Many fail to grasp what they have seen,
      and canot judge what they have leared,
      although they tell themselves they know.”

      “Stupidity is doomed,
      therefore, to cringe
      at every syllable
      of wisdom”

      “The eye, the ear,
      the mind in action,
      these I value.”

      “The habit of knowledge
      is not human but divine”

      I agree with you….in everything you just said.

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