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Although I once took photography seriously at one point with proper equipment and processes, I decided to get out and take some photos with my phone.  I don’t like nature staged, but what the hell.  I violated the first principle so might as well violate the second.


12 thoughts on “Arboretum

  1. I’ve been a free lance still photo guy for years……accent on free……just in last few days have taken shots that look like yours. Tried to send an image but cannot…….

    • Hi Veraersilla…pretty name by the way. The pictures are ok…just things that caught my eye as I walked through the Arboretum….whoops…just realized I misspelled “Aboretum” on the post…LOL. An Arboretum is somewhat staged, but it is still pretty. Photography is a nice medium as it takes you places, but I often wish I could draw or paint. I am left handed and have never been very good at drawing. I think painting or drawing would be more personal and in depth. Oh…and I am also a little color blind…which is why I like black and white photography…so painting might be a little tough…two handicaps…left handed and color blind:)

    • Ah, the medical woman / photographer:) I think you are in California where I grew up. The downside there is you really don’t get to see the leaves change. Glad you enjoyed this hack photography:)

  2. Can’t remember where you are located TC but am happy for you that you experience autumn’s glories. I am in BC Canada and everywhere right now, even in the city, is full of colour as reflected in your photographs. Every day I go walking expecting autumn to be over but every day presents more and more Fall beauty. Interesting to read about your wish to paint or draw – your photos show you have a good eye – why not try some simple colour drawings – not to post but to be for your own enjoyment. Being left handed is no obstacle – have you ever seen the movie, “My Left Foot”? Some of my best art students have been left handed – I think all you need to do is do it…

  3. Hello there. I am in the Northwest…close to you. I may try some sketches with pencil or chalk (remember, I have some problems with color recognition). Seems like it would be more peaceful than photography. I imagine the final product would look like child art…lol.

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