Desert Oasis

We bring new life into the mysterious and infinite realm of existence and mold it to our ways.  Some are born in a cesspool, others onto a throne.  Both are subject to the momentum of the past and present.  The less fortunate are thrashed around by the currents while the fortunate sail on by with the wind.  But there truly isn’t a fortunate birth.  Fortunate or unfortunate, both are subjects to the desert we have created.  Only a rare few have the ability and will to seek and find the Oasis.

6 thoughts on “Desert Oasis

  1. Beautiful photograph. Do you do photography?
    “Faith is an oasis in the heart that can never be reached by the caravan of thinking” K. Gibran
    Whatever or wherever the Oasis is, I agree it is not easily or commonly found.

  2. Hey there askcheeta. I used to be in to photography Ansel Adams style with the big camera and self-processing. But for now, I am just using my phone…LOL. I like your quote above. I don’t know what the Oasis is either. Perhaps us mere mortals see it and feel it once and awhile, but it disappears like a mirage. When I am outside with no people around and something moves me, I sense the Oasis. Or, when I am in love…there is such a sensation perhaps. I imagine even the few that find the Oasis have difficulty remaining there.

  3. Superb photo TC and wise words. Although your writing talks about the ‘desert’ in a negative way your photo shows us its beauty – and without a desert there is no oasis – ah, the paradox of life…

    • LOL…this isn’t my photo. I should probably note what are mine and what aren’t. Most images I use are from Google Images…

      Negativity or critical thinking is the only way to forge ahead. If you think all is a rose you will never discover the wild flowers.

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