Eternal Truth

Time never began and time will never end.  All the contents in this universe and others has always been in existence.  For nothing can come from nothing just like something cannot become nothing.  The only change is the temporary forms these contents assume through eternity.  Man and all his creations are but a short-lived experiment soon to be recycled and swallowed up by the vastness of eternity.  Our contents will be used for new forms and shapes.

28 thoughts on “Eternal Truth

  1. You sound so sure, you may just be right. 🙂
    More than just an experiment, it is a transformatory process. Nothing may just be something in a form that we cannot identify. Numerous waves transmit data through the air and our natural senses cannot detect them. Nothing can probably take many forms which includes some of the things that we now know. Soon, we shall take the form of nothing, from which all things come! 🙂

    • Great points. I guess I view the cosmos as animate and inanimate. Inanimate isn’t nothing for it is from the inanimate that animate arrived. I am partial to animate because it has a brain. And as far as we know, we have the most capable brain…at least on this planet. But I don’t eliminate the possibility that there is a great design, but the universe we know so far looks pretty cold and chaotic to me. We should be in constant terror if we truly understood what is beyond our thin atmosphere.

      • Terror? What is beyond the atmosphere sure holds excitement. It should be terrific. The animate comes from the inanimate. They are both marerial (something). Material comes from the immaterial (nothing). The nothing that cannot be seen is not necessarily empty, but holds the greatest of possibilities. That’s the form that the material may eventually revert to. Animate to inanimate then to nothing (full of everything). 🙂

      • Indeed Teeceecounsel. What is beyond our atmosphere is awe inspiring and full of mystery and treasures. My point about terror is simply a remark as to how numb the vast majority are to the fragility of our Earth and our very existence. I never stop scratching my head as to why we do what we do as a whole given what we know to be true beyond our fragile planet and existence.

      • Our planet and its relationship to space are physical representations of our egos and the fragile barrier of life that protects us from the vast infinite realms of our imagination. Neither is as fragile as it appears.

      • Interesting point of view. I am not sure I agree with all of it but I like the reference to an infinite imagination.

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  2. “Nothing may just be something in a form we cannot identify…..”…..well said. Maybe we need to broaden our human-based concept of what defines “life”………our dreams and imaginations contain images and activity……..perhaps in the “nothingness” of space and waves exist animated “life” without flesh………..and yet having consciousness……..and even communicative abilities……maybe such life is all around us- just out of sight and our ability to comprehend in normal waking states………….

  3. I see your mind wanders the universe much like mine Mr. Cup, or may I call you Tin? “Time never began and will never end”, “Contents of universe . . . .always in existence”, “Something cannot become nothing”. Glad to see someone else contemplating the vastness and depth of our existence. Bravo also Teeceecouncel and Askcheetah. Please read my Theory posted at Philosophic Vampire. I would say “keep thinking” but seeing that is all we ever do during our awake hours and much of sleep, I say “Good Thoughts to All.” And do not forget to smile every now and then. Vlad Thinkalot

  4. “For nothing can come from nothing…”
    “Making something out of nothing, or precisely, luring something from the unconscious and giving it material form is the closest thing to real magic there is in this world”.
    Art critic Michael Bonesteel

    • I guess I have a hang up on what people say is “nothing”. An artist’s paint and brush isn’t nothing nor is the blank canvas. The artist uses these things to create a form or transform materials into a new shape. And yes this comes from the brain and heart or soul of the one creating this new form. And that is really my point in regards to the Eternal Truth. Man should make haste to create beautiful forms while he has the chance, both in art and in life.

  5. Time never began and will never end because time is a perception that Man made up. I don’t think a duck worries much about tomorrow. We perceive the beginnings and ends of species, but then we entertain ourselves with ideas of evolution. I think when you hit on the Eternal Truth, you will find that we are quite immortal, and the only thing temporary is perception. I’ll go back and put the rest of my comment up above.

  6. Maybe you see these thoughts as dark, but they are beautiful and honest. Putting the world as we know it into perspective is a task not many care to take on because it questions our own purpose. Never do we feel so alive as when we actually feel things, like sadness, fear, despair, or joy, contentment, elation. It’s what makes us human…embrace it.

    • LOL, you think like I do…perhaps you are a Pieces…but there are many who view such thoughts as depressing and dark…think positive they will say…and I reply…I am…but they don’t get the positive or the humor of what they consider to be dark and depressing discourse:)

  7. I used to think this as well, but my views have changed. While it is equally possible that we can be extinguished, life has the ability to control and change nature. Even before we came into existence this possibility had to be latent within the universe, the reason why this capability exists I believe is beyond us currently, however, If we are capable of changing the universe that would mean ultimately, short of a catastrophic disaster, we could sustain indefinitely. In my personal opinion, it is an on going experiment to see which creature can evolve to a point where they can escape reality. The dinosaurs had billions of years to evolve but as far as we are aware, none of them, could control fire. They were ultimately wiped out by their lack of progression.

    This is of course under the assumption that there is not an ultimate resolution. By this I mean a limitation to how far we can go or what we can do. If there is this limitation, which is completely theoretical at the time being, it would be impossible to escape demise since the universe could collapse in on itself.

    It could be blinked out in an instant, but the reality of the universe is that whatever the truth is now matters little because humanity is rapidly becoming the truth and all truth could ultimately bend to our will.

    • You have a very positive view of the human species and what it can accomplish. You think we may have ability to control the universe. Hell, we can’t even control the things we ourselves create. For example, we don’t know how to fix the economy. We don’t know how to exist yet take care of the very environment that enables us to live. We can’t eliminate poverty, disease, war, famine, murder, and greed. We have a long way to go just to figure out how to take care of ourselves let alone contemplate bending the universe to our will. But, if we figure a way out to cure the common cold, I may consider bending to some of your ideas:) Come to think of it, perhaps we already know how to cure the common cold, the flu, and cancer. But imagine how much money people would lose if these ailments had a cure?

      • As positive as I am, I am aware of our faults, and also that we can fail.

        There are a lot of things we are doing now that are pointing in the direction of control. We are now growing organs, and some of the first cures for cancer are emerging. The elimination of aging is quickly becoming a reality. We can’t fix our economy because it is a product of lack (scarcity), once we eliminate lack, there will be no need to fix the economy because it will be fundamentally different then what it is now. All the problems and solutions whether they are capitalism, socialism, etc.. all revolve around this one idea that we don’t have enough.

        Murder is in the same group as lack. All evil, without exception, stems from want. Most of the corruption we see stems from resource logistics.

        As for the environment, I have written quite a lot about this, but technology is rapidly merging with the environment in terms of quality. By this I mean we will be able to create trees that are better then current trees. Trees themselves are actually pretty inefficient, you need a significant amount of them to keep up with pollution control. In terms of biology, sustainability is taking on a completely different role. Scientists are starting to create bacteria that can inhale carbon dioxide and poop oil. This is a perfect example of how we can potentially artificially create sustainability without having to rely on the some what temperamental realities of currently existing nature.

        I believe the biggest psychological shift that will happen to the human race is there will be a critical mass of technologies that emerge some what simultaneously that will force people to reevaluate humanities role and responsibilities in terms of the universe and nature. People, including politicians, are fighting over things that literally will not be an issue in 10 or 20 years. For instance solar energy’s efficiency at producing energy is exponentially going up year over year, at the same rate that computers went from taking up an entire room to fitting in your pocket. All the arguments about oil, coal, nuclear, none of it will matter because solar will ultimately take over, the sun is the biggest fusion reactor in the world.

      • I will take some time to read through your blog to get a better angle on where you are coming from. I can see you are a big believer in technology and that through technology we can break down enormous barriers. Perhaps you are right. I don’t know. It seems as of now, and perhaps this is because we are merely fumbling around with a relatively new tool, that technology is a double edged sword if we don’t know what we want to do with it. For example, it has given us flight, or the automobile, but it has also given us the nuclear bomb and pollution. Technology and medical improvements have increased life spans and enabled our population to reach 7 billion, but we are running out or resources and fresh water and fresh air and food to eat. I am not sure we can create fresh water, fresh air, control the temperature of the planet or the storm cycles, through technology. It seems to me we must have a vision before we can apply our tools for the right purposes. As long as there is money and profit involved, I am not sure this will ever come to fruition.

        But there is another point to consider regardless of whether you are right or wrong as to technology being our road to progress. Read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (or watch the movie Wallee) and ask yourself if that type of existence is something you would want to be a part of.

      • I have actually read a brave new world. A brave new world is not a new world, it’s merely a hyperbolic view of what already exists. Let me give an example in a brave new world you had the Alphas and the Betas, they were bred that way. Most people think that is unfair, but that is actually how the world is currently designed. You don’t choose the brain you are born with, and through education it is essentially decided for you what kind of person you will be.

        The world huxley defined is the world we already live in. We don’t have a side effect free drug, instead we have artificial fantasy worlds, alcohol, etc.. all designed to make the average day bearable. The only major difference was sexual promiscuity and that they euthanize people, which is a little odd because as advanced as huxley thought he was he didn’t perceive a world where aging could be stopped.

        Technology is not a double edge sword, life is a double edge sword. A human can choose to build or destroy, technology is merely a tool. If we give in to the desire to destroy, it doesn’t matter what technology we have, we can accomplish it.

        Do not mistake me for a perfectionist or a super optimist. There are problems with this world, we are all aware of them (or at least sense something is wrong), that is why I write and why you write, but it is important to identify what the problems actually are instead of wishing to hit the reset button or sacrificing oneself to reckless abandon.

      • I agree with you regarding technology…it is the human being and the overall culture that must evolve and progress before technology. Giving a fool or a greedy power structure or religious fanatical regime technology will guarantee that the technology won’t be put to its best and greatest use.

  8. Lately I’ve found myself wishing I could see what was happening on earth four thousand years from now. Not sure why that number. I’m just so damn curious. I would not be at all surprised if some part or aspect of me(any of us) will be around then. We will be able to see how our ideas have come to be or not be. What will your current hometown be like then, if it exists? Where will we humans have traveled to in the universe…..if at all? How will we regard our present state of life and technology, looking back?

    • If we are still here, it would be so interesting to see what has transpired. How about 1 million years from now? As you know, we haven’t been around too long…although perhaps we have already existed before either here or somewhere else…perhaps many times over.

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