Rounding up the Herd

The game of business and economics is really quite simple.  One doesn’t need an education or a PhD to understand the essence of capitalism.  The core goal is to round-up the herd — all seven billion of them via the marketing and advertising vehicles.  Through the television, billboards, magazines, internet, mobile phones, show them the way to the green pastures and let them gorge.

Once their bellies are full and they can’t “afford” to eat another blade of grass, gently nudge them in the direction of the slaughter-house.  The few sit at tables decorated with white linen and carve into their bloody steak and enjoy a bottle or two of a fine red.


6 thoughts on “Rounding up the Herd

  1. so true yet like everyone on this planet too focus with mundane tasks that we hide from the facts and seclude ourselves to believe in the “head of of the herd” for we all just want enough and never dare go beyond the reach of our comfort zones and thus we all become sheeps to the cog that is the machine of capitalism.

  2. “Stop now before it’s too late
    I’m eating in the ghetto on a hundred dollar plate
    Nothing lasts forever that’s the way it’s gotta be
    There’s a great black wave in the middle of the sea”…
    Arcade Fire

  3. The scary thing is that the corporations are trying, and succeeding, to get us to believe that we can consume our way to individuality. You can get the car, or iPhone case in whatever color you want, so you must really be expressing yourself, they tell us. But at the end of the day, it’s just a mirage to distract us from the herd mentality, by telling us the opposite.

  4. LOL. You hit the nail on the head. What they are essentially doing is trying to segment us into “brands”. My last days in the Fortune 500 corporate environment I even heard this language being used to define who we are at work — what is your brand? How do people perceive at you at work? I am sure some woman said, “I am Gucci”, or a man I am “Porche” or “Mercedes”.


    Two tribes on this planet hand to hand
    Two questions: how and when (if ever)
    Shall we convert this armoured nightmare
    This fortified dungeon run on greed and fear
    By its bastard sons, rampaging ironclad
    Roughshod from poverty to exorbitance
    To a life built on sharing, love and laughter?
    As above, so below; as within, so without
    And the starting pistol is here at hand

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