I find it counterintuitive that mankind subjects young children to a framework or education system based on the premise that the adults know what they should be teaching these clean slates.  If the world was progressing forward in an ever brighter horizon, I understand the premise, but it appears to me that the opposite is true.  Therefore, we would be better off creating a framework to educate our young that assumes the adults know nothing and are ignorant.  Socrates is the type of educator I have in mind for our precious young sparks of fire.

12 thoughts on “Socrates

  1. Socrates must have seen the future! If the adults of today are so full of indiscipline that divorces and broken homes lead the day, what can we teach our kids? We have to be examples in excellence and device a way that our children will surpass us in every good virtue and in accomplishment.
    I touched a little on formal education in one of my post. You can check it out:

    • I am glad you liked it and thank you for reblogging. I will check out your post. Yes, Socrates/Plato, upon reading these works my education finally began. Unfortunately, that wasn’t until my freshmen year in college. All those early formative years were wasted and as a result I have merely a piece of a brain that could be more whole.

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    Socrates was truly a wise man! He must have seen the future. He spoke of a time that seems to be now. Adults are in a dilema. We don’t know exactly what to teach but we know that we just have to teach. That’s the crossroads I see our curriculums leading us to. Time has come to treat each unique gift in each unique child with it’s own unique touch. The big question may be how, but when there is a will, there is a way. I just love this post!

  3. Once my friend’s then 14 year old daughter was struggling with English and she asked if I would help. I did. It took two sessions to find that the teacher was inhibiting the girl’s critical thinking skills. Not only did she develop them herself but is a “true thinker” to this day, a Social Worker who also runs her own “pretty home accents” (candles, etc) business. Talk about finding and walking in a balanced way. More discussion everywhere that includes the kids themselves would be a good jumping off point, if any adults have the pluck to break the mould. Good piece.

  4. the whole education system is pure bias as to what they teach the youths these days. Teachers are more concerned with their benefits than the childrens well being. If we live in a society where the children see that teachers do not care about their education why should they? I live in Toronto Canada. The teacher’s recently voted to not participate in extracurricular activities because their pensions were gonna frozen at the same annum amount. What kind of society do we live in… when money is the biggest factor in every decision made..even the well being of childrens future is based on a denomination.. great post keep up the good work. I like reading your blogs very informative and gets me thinking.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. Always happy to welcome someone from Canada. Yes, the concept of money is one of our primary flaws that we can’t seem to realize…we really don’t need it.

  5. As a high school teacher of 25 years I feel I must respectfully disagree with Tee’s generalization about teachers. Not one of the colleagues I have ever worked with placed income over quality of education in their classrooms. However, teachers are workers amongst other workers and deserve support and recognition for their often misunderstood efforts within and beyond the call of duty. Teaching is a calling that demands a vast commitment beyond working hours. I taught 8 to 4 and then gave most of my evening hours to preparation and marking. I can think of very few other professions that demand so much from their members. The intellectual, physical and emotional demands of caring for the education and well being of our children / students is enormous and the critiques from people who have little idea of these demands is offensive and ignorant in the extreme. I support teachers everywhere for their efforts to educate and improve the lives of their students, despite the lack of effort from many parents. Having said this, I do agree that the educational system as a whole is always at least 2 or 3 decades behind in their educational parameters. Education in general needs to recognize that we are now in the 21st century and can no longer operate in the ancient ‘training for service to Capitalism’ model…

    • My grandfather was a math and science teach and coached football. He was a terrific man. He told me he chose teaching over a more lucrative business job because he felt like he could make a difference in other people’s lives. Many of his students would write him letters of thanks even when they were older. My post wasn’t meant to offend teachers, but rather to point out their imprisonment to what is, to what generation upon generation has heaped upon adulthood. As you yourself point out, the educational system is geared to help the young fit into the capitalistic model.

      • TC – I was responding to one of your commentators, not to your post. I understood and agreed with what you posted but had issues with that particular comment – thanks for reply…

  6. Sweet defence for the teachers, Clinock! 🙂
    Trends are actually proving that teachers are underpaid for their effort. It is begining to sip off in the quality of education.
    People would prefer seeking more lucrative jobs over taking a teaching opportunity, even if they are gifted and skilled with teaching.
    I love to teach, for example but in Nigeria, where I live, teaching does not pay handsomely. I studied Engineering and have practiced a lot, but I’m still drawn towards teaching. Teaching requires patience and understanding. Truly gifted teachers are rare in the teaching field.
    People are unique and dynamic, gifted teachers can understand their dynamics. Schemes and curriculums are supposed to be guides that a teacher should use in communicating to students. Some frustrated people (forgive the harshness) who pick up teaching jobs because there are no alternatives, practically begin to impose and force stereo typed information, with poor communication techniques.
    I admire your confidence in teacher, but what I have is hope!
    Things will surely get better when we all decide to be true to our inner passions and get things done properly.
    Your words really moved me. 🙂

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