After one has been around the sun enough times to find love and lose love, to earn riches and lose riches, to find passions and lose passions, and to observe the ways of mankind, he must come to grips with the yawning gap between the way his life and the world “could be” and the way his life and the world man created for himself actually is.

He must then decide whether or not to push forward in the disappointing, mundane, and vision-less grind humanity has defined for itself.  If he chooses to continue in the momentum of under-achievement he must go against his instincts and endure the daily tug in his mind that he and the vast majority of humanity are burning energy to no noble end.  But he must not ignore or numb the tug.  Instead, he must fight, defining as best he can given the framework, purposes and means to fulfill those purposes in order to deaden the significance of that tug.  He must try, regardless of the outcome, to make progress crossing the chasm through his own will and independent vision.


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