This a very good article on the reprocessing of the middle class ( Low paying jobs are here to stay).  The only problem with the article and most articles that deal with this subject matter is that they fail to point out why this has occurred and what can be done to change the circumstances.  Journalists no longer exist as they are merely pawns for the power structure.  They evade the truth and provide merely fragments of information.  They write about the effects, but exclude the cause and radical solutions needed to change the course.  Those that do attempt to write the truth are cast out to the blogosphere perimeter which of course is blasted by the mainstream media as biased and unreliable babble.

9 thoughts on “Reprocessed

  1. I just wanted to remind you, I read all your posts. I read this link too, I just didn’t really have any comment, and you know I don’t click “Like” on the whole negative vibe thing. I came back cuz it’s been a while and I was making sure WordPress didn’t cut us off. I hope you’re okay, Tinc.

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