I was going to write about Act Five —  Reprocessing the Middle Class….and discuss the corruption of government via the lobbyist mechanism.  I was going to show how the number of lobby firms has grown in the last thirty years and highlight the increase in funds flowing into the manipulation of government officials.  I was also going to discuss the corruption involved with the campaign financing status quo.  And I was going to discuss how lawyers have gutted the country.  But what I really want to write about is the real effect of the current corrupt power structure — submission.

I really don’t give a shit anymore.  I am tired.  We are tired.  Let them take it all.  Let them “win”.  Besides, who is going to construct a better system that leads us in a more noble and sane direction?  How many times has the human being tried to chart an inspiring and worthy direction only to find out man is incapable of progressing in an intelligent direction?  Better to appreciate the external natural beauty that exists independent of man,  which is, fortunately, everything.  Best to appreciate and fall in love with a woman coming into her prime.  Admire her beauty — the supple curves and fine lines draped with long fine hair.  As for the rest of mankind’s aspirations…let them blow away like dust in the wind.

16 thoughts on “Submission

  1. Eloquent statement, Tin Cup. I hope and trust the pedulum swings and better times will have their platform sooner than later. But i too sometimes feel the larger society is beyond reform. Our best and most precious elements are very close to home.

  2. This is an inspiring change, Tinc!

    Coos Bay is beautiful. If you don’t mind climbing some rocks, there are eons of strata unearthed by tectonic movement. Fossils in natural relief from the ocean’s gentle sculpting. Lively tide pools. A beach with thousands upon thousands of hermit crabs… infinitely less intelligent in their direction, but a lot of fun to watch. The trees are green, the salmon berries and thimble berries are ripe. Cliffs and sands. Trails and gardens. The soothing musical reminder of the surging power that gives us all our fragile lives.

    • Sounds lovely. I am getting closer to be able to begin venturing out once again…to do what you just described…but still have an imposing mountain to ascend.

  3. TC – I have missed you and your posts. Do I detect here a touch of exhausted cynicism? Don’t let the bastards grind you down my friend…You say, “Let them “win”. Besides, who is going to construct a better system that leads us in a more noble and sane direction?” – you must be kidding – “noble and sane”????? This is not the TC who inspired me with his truly ‘noble and sane’ words – don’t roll over and play dead, we desperately need minds like yours promoting sanity – cutting through the Gordian knot of crap…

  4. Tinc! I just read your blog, and I know exactly how you feel. I too have grown tired of shouting about the corruption and the inequality in our world. I feel beaten, and wonder why bother anymore. Here in Ireland we have a business man who, with the help of Anglo Irish Bank has brought this country to it’s knees, while we the ordinary people of the country pay for their gambling, and yet 3,000 people turned out on Sunday to support this man, who by the way is in contempt of court at the moment. These people stood up speaking about this man as if he was God. I cannot understand the mind of these people, and therefore I wonder why do I bother. I am tired getting angry it takes up a lot of my energy, so like you maybe I should just admire the nicer things in life. Keep blogging my friend, and I will too maybe someone wil listen 🙂

    • I was in Ireland 20 years ago through work. I had some extra time and drove along the coast and visited some small towns. Ireland is such a beautiful and wonderful place…the place where a race of Hobbits should roam. Seems like a few bad apples can destroy the entire crop!

      • I agree it is a beautiful country it’s a shame about the bad apples and a pity our government bow to those in big business and trample on the rest of us. The world needs big changes the whole greed and corruption is getting way out of hand. I wonder will that change ever come about. Not in my time anyway

  5. I have heard often from others that greed is a fact of human history. Indeed if we look back we can find evidence. But in my opinion, man’s invention of money and printed money as well as debt has paved the way to our current mess. Back in time man had to conquer with sweat and blood to gain riches….now all one needs to do is be a sly prick. I have made many posts on economics and the flawed concept of money. Take money and debt and investments away and people become more equal and their value more measured. All one needs to do is to observe nature where the concept of such human inventions do not exist. Take a pod of Orcas for example. Sure, there is not equality, but each individual plays their value added part to obtain food and survive. The highest ranking male earns his rights to mate and must stay strong to keep those rights. Perhaps I place too much hope that the human being can learn from other living creatures and then go beyond them.

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