Fading Light

What is the human being stripped bare of comfort and dignity?  What does the human being become when hope orbits out of reach? What does the human being do when the light is swallowed by the dark?  There seems to be two options.  Either it gives up the fight and lies down peacefully for the eternal rest, or it abandons any concept of humanity and turns all power over to the savage within.  Neither option paints a pretty picture especially if it applies to large numbers of human beings co-existing in a confined space at a single point in the time continuum.   But clearly the former option would result in a more peaceful outcome with a lower body count than the loud bloody slaughter that would occur from the later.  The real question is whether or not humanity can chart an intelligent course that can circumvent these two looming options.

4 thoughts on “Fading Light

  1. First of all, love the image and the way you worked it into the text – when the light is swallowed by the dark.

    To me, humanity has the a wonderful quality of goodness, but is too selfish to realize it. I’m not a sci fi fanatic, nor a Trekkie, but the image that sticks in my mind is from (I think) is from First Encounter – when the Vulcans and humans met on Earth. The Vulcan scowling while commenting how we are so barbaric in our ways to solve problems (wars). Yep – we just don’t get it!

    • I am not a Trekkie or sci fi fanatic either…but I love the thought of the big picture and trying to relate it to the human direction. And when I compare the big picture to our daily concerns and observe our daily concerns….I grow very very disappointed when I contemplate our peaks, lows, and potential. Ay Ziggi Zoomba 😀

      Thanks for dropping in. I look forward to your future posts.

  2. Holocaust survivor Alice Herz-Sommer found a third way, but sadly the best video of her has been removed from YouTube. There are several bits of interviews are still there though.

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