The World Revolves Around Me

I certainly exhibit selfish and self-centered behavior, but I also tend to be polite in certain situations.  When I cross the street and cars are waiting I make sure I hustle across.  If another car is trying to merge into traffic I will generally let them in.  But it seems to me this type of behavior is becoming more rare and in danger of becoming extinct.  What benefit or bottom line profit is to be obtained from such behavior?

The other day I was flying to visit my parents.  I got up to go to the restroom located back by the tail.  I noticed a gentlemen making his way back to his seat so I went back to my aisle seat and stood to allow him to pass.  As I stood there a woman went charging past me and was blocking the man and he had to squish himself to keep moving forward.  The man just shook his head and we smiled at one another as he passed by.  The woman got to the restroom before me.  I felt like giving her a swift blow to the back of her head.


13 thoughts on “The World Revolves Around Me

  1. Poor Tincup, in a happier dimension, I see you getting to the restroom first. 😛

    I try to avoid interaction with mean people, but with that behavior appearing somewhat contagious, it’s definitely impossible to live in my soft bunny and pillows fantasy. Most of the time I encounter these people on the road, but I think my method works in other circumstances like yours. You can’t assume or judge others who you don’t know, but you can imagine that maybe she had it worse than you. You don’t know for certain, so it’s hard to reason that away.

    Maybe this rude lady had diarrhea and REALLY had to go. Some people have tunnel vision and they just gotta keep their eye on the prize and not care who is in the way. Maybe she had to vomit? In either case, (considering I just had to pee), I’d let that rude lady go for fear of getting too involved in something potentially gross.

    If there’s a rude asshole on the road, I try to imagine that guy really had to pee. Or maybe he is trying to stop a wedding and tell the love of his life not to make a poor decision. Or maybe his wife is delivering at the hospital that instant. Or maybe he is hypoglycemic and he really needs to eat something otherwise all hell breaks loose.

    Sorry. I made my coffee too strong today.. :’

    • LOL…I like your positive thinking and giving people the benefit of the doubt. But, I didn’t hear any strange noises or smell any foul odors when that woman came out 😀

      Sometimes…when I am sitting in the car watching people take their time wandering slowly through the cross walk….I imagine running them over….or when someone rudely cuts me off I imagine pulling up next to them…rolling down the window…and pointing a double gagged shot gun at them….

      Of course I would never do these things…and that is why such behavior continues…such behavior gets the reward at no cost.

  2. People are sometimes stressed to the limit. Their lives hectic with text messages and missed calls. A kind of nervous twitter that infringes so much on so many.

    The obvious answer is to take a break from the cell-phone and put it in the washing machine or dish-washer. I am not keen on all that technological innovation and just have a simple phone that works as a phone. I don’t need to know the weather or where I am because I can still tell if it raines or if the sun shines. I also know where I am by looking down seeing my feet and than look sideways to observe where I am.

    Right now I am behind the key-board. So, you see I don’t need any of that stuff. It is just a form of sucking money out of you wallet by large multi-nationals.

    My coffee can never be too strong.

    • My sentiments aligned with yours…I too am behind the key board and just enjoyed a strong Sumatra…all it needs is a little Baileys…hope all is well…off to go teach little kids baseball and proper behavior 😀

  3. I may be one of those “taking their time wandering slowly through the cross-walk”–not necessarily because I am “selfish” or “self-indulgent”, but because I happen to think that people shouldn’t be driving the fucking things in the first place. To me cars are the ultimate embodiment of the “world revolves around me” mentality, so those who are driving them can fuck off and wait. 🙂

    Cars also engender a great deal of anger in people, as your posts reveal. And the slavish dependency on them is one of the primary sources of many of the world problems we face. Ironic that they were once greeted as “saviors” and virtually worshipped as mechanical Gods–and still are. I’m remain amazed at how the majority of people can’t imagine life without a car, almost as if life was created BY the car, like a “God”.

    • LMAO….I agree with you on the automotan….we would be much better off with out the damn thing accept for the occasional excursion in which case we can rent one for a few days. Proper design of cities would exclude the four legged menace 😀

      Imagine how much money the average citizen could save by eliminating the need for the four legged robot? But that isn’t healthy for the “economy” is it?

      • Indeed indeed. All of the above. I was just thinking the other day how wonderful the city I live in would be if cars were completely excluded from it’s primary center. It would create a completely different atmosphere on so many levels. Occasional instead of addictive use of cars would benefit everyone–but it’s hard to break a stupid, costly and unhealthy habit once it’s been formed. Your haunting photos of gridlocked highways come to mind right now. “Me Me Me” ends up being Us Us Us jammed together in a polluted, paralyzed clusterfuck.

  4. Many are selfish – see the world through tunnel vision, thus are clueless of the world around them. On the other hand, we remember them more than the random acts of kindness that does exist.

  5. Tin,

    If you decide to read E. O. Wilson’s book, the subject of my latest post which you liked, you will see that he explains such behavior. We homo sapiens evolved to compete with other individuals but also to cooperate within groups, a behavior which promotes survival as groups. Social memes within groups exemplify cooperative behavior. Did you ever notice that even (most) tourists passing through a town will tip a waitress as generously as any local, even though they will likely never return to that restaurant? It is in our genes.

  6. “The Natural Goodness of Tao presides over the process of cosmic evolution” – Tai Gong Diao

    “There is a natural sense of right and wrong, which vibrates in unison with Tao, at the heart of every man and woman.” – Chuang Tzu

    “Natural Goodness is obscured by self-interest – Lao Tzu

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