The Social Networking Bubble

I wanted to inform my limited participants that I have created an additional WordPress blog entitled The Social Networking Bubble.  I have created this additional blog for a few reasons.

First, my original incentive to create this blog, Contemplating the Human Direction, was inspired by the fact that I was continuously censored from commenting on a WordPress blog that supported Enron.  This occurred before I even knew what WordPress was and I had never considered creating a blog.  Enron, as you may or may not know, was a prime example of a corrupt United States business enterprise that robbed naive investors and employees of millions and billions of dollars through a Ponzi scheme and cooked books.  The corruption and Ponzi scheme was conducted not only by the executives of the company, but also by audit firms, big banks, investment banks, and Wall Street.  Some also implicate members of the government including the Bush family.  Look up Enron if you are interested in the details, but don’t be lazy and read Wikipedia as they are owned by the crooks that control Wall Street and Investment banks so they paint a limited picture.  A good movie to watch on Enron is called “The Smartest Guys in the Room”.

Second, I was also disgusted and nauseated with what caused our financial collapse in 2008.  The corruption, greed, and politics involved with that collapse is truly the pinnacle of our country’s decline.  And the fact that the crooks and current power construct behind this financial collapse are still free and conducting business as usual takes me to the edge of my peaceful tolerance level.  In order to control my anger, I write as opposed to taking other actions.

One of the primary points of this blog is that man’s focus on economics and money prevents us from evolving to greater heights as a species.  There are many other high-level subjects (and personal subjects) discussed in this blog, but I sincerely believe that our hyper-focus on economics is the obstacle preventing us from moving onward and upward.  So many of our problems can be linked to this man-made invention and I have covered these arguments within this blog.

The new blog, The Social Networking Bubble, deals with a very narrow and focused subject matter.  More than likely, many of the posts will be uninteresting to many of you poets, creative writers, philosophers, artists, and broad thinking people.  But the final results of this new blog, if my hypothesis is correct, will be very enlightening and powerful because it will be based on facts.  We will all be able to witness through the Social Networking Bubble how our country has become hostage to a corrupt Ponzi scheme at the expense of driving towards true worthy and valuable goals.  We will see how those that are well connected and entrenched in the power structure work together to make billions and further increase the gap between those that have most and those that have little.

This new blog will also enable me to channel more economical thoughts in that direction which will free me up to post more broad and philosophical posts on this blog that is more focused on the direction of the overall human species.

I am sorry that I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to get to your blogs as of late, but this additional blog has consumed much time and energy.  I look forward to catching up with you and your thoughts.

7 thoughts on “The Social Networking Bubble

  1. I will watch both. The 2008-2009 debacle by the Wall Street banks will go down in history as the biggest mess not dealt with by governmental leaders. They do roam free. The modern Democrat Party is now hostage all the way back to Clinton to Wall Street Cash. In 2008 the biggest giver to Obama was Wall Street. That is why there has been no reform, no real reform and no real prosecutions. Do not expect much from the Republicans either as they seem to blame the mess only on poor people improperly getting mortgages. But that is another story. In American history Jefferson, Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, and FDR confronted head on concentrated financial power, and by so doing cemented a legacy as Great Presidents. Right now we live in the age of mediocrity. I am sure we will muddle through somehow, but Obama’s legacy will not be one of correcting Wall Street abuse. It may be ObamaCare or cementing the fact that the US will control the Persian Gulf out of necessity as all countries, and I mean all, are hooked on oil. It is the precious juice as mentioned in the 1980s films of Mad Max and the Road-warrior.

    • Well said Randel. The crooks not only roam free, but they are still up to their old tricks siphoning money out of the middle class while the people bicker about whether they are voting for a democrat or republican. Loved your comment about Mad Max and Road-warrior…and then there is always Bladerunner.

      • Thank you. I remember someone famous once said something like: more people are robbed by the fountain pen than by a hand gun. In the past few years the fountain pen has become digital signed financial documents electronically traded in dark pools off exchanges and are robbing folks blind.

        Themis trading in New York has set up shop and shows via algorithmic trading, use of dark pools or secret traders, how they are screwing around with stock prices especially these super hot ones above. Some days the most trading occurs in just the last 15 minutes of the day where thousands and thousands of buy and sell orders flood the exchanges for the hot stocks, like the social network ones. This super fast trading screws up prices but makes the traders make big money on million of small bets. But to do so they need stocks with hop in them, like those you mention in the blog. So not only is there a bubble in social networking, the insider traders are making a killilng, just like the dot com implosion of the late 1990s..

  2. Just thought I would stop by and see what you are up to. Will check on new blog but am already fairly certain I will not understand it because I like books with pictures. I hope you are taking photos TC…remember, I could be lurking around a dark corner ready to kick you in the shins.

    • Hey there:) Don’t bother with other blog until six months to a year when there are some summary posts…very dry for an artist to read through at this point. Be visiting you soon with shin guards and a cup!

  3. Forgot to mention that Themis is on the good side. That may not have been clear in my post. Themis’ founder was one of those who helped set up instinent and nasdaq a long time ago, and he just cannot take the crapola of new Wall Street any longer. His mission is to make this clearer to folks slowly but surely.

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