Sunday Afternoon Walk

I took a Sunday stroll with my son today in a nice park on Puget Sound.  It was quite a different day from yesterday — much more gray and dark.  But the air was pure and crisp.  Thousands of fresh leaf shoots were sprouting from the wet barren tree branches and twigs.  Not long before the days begin to warm and brighten.  My son and I spoke on several topics.  I spelled out my theory on two of man’s significant misguided inventions — money and debt. I explained to him how the man-made financial system works.  It was my first financial tutorial of many to come in order to prepare him for the future and to teach him to avoid my mistakes and those of millions of other American citizens.

We also enjoyed many laughs and skipped some rocks.  We enjoyed watching the ducks and small seagulls dive for fish.  We also saw a large seal that popped his head up and looked at us for about ten seconds before disappearing into the cold gray sound.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Walk

  1. That’s good information to learn, especially from a dad. I had to figure out the complexities of finances on my own and I really wish my dad had taken the time to go into it. Good on ya for looking out for your boy.

  2. I shared five weeks with my eldest son, 27, in Mexico. I don’t possess the intellect that you have to discuss politics and finances in depth but we bonded deeply as family and as friends. Our discussions ranged from books, art and music to relationships, religion and respect of shared values, and we even shared a little decadence! Our children will remember these moments long after we are ashes. What could possibly be a more important way to spend our time, for us, for our sons and daughters and for the continuing flow of deepest love and humane living?
    And TC, instead of filling your inbox with even more dozens of ‘Likes’ I will just say here that I Like – nay, ’tis such a simpering, silly word – I admire and am inspired by ALL of your posts – what a superb mind and pen…..

  3. LOL…it doesn’t take intellect to discuss politics or finance…your topics on books, art, music, relationships, religion, shared values…and most of all…decadence….are more my style! And I look forward to the time my nine year old comes of age for such discussions if I am still alive 🙂

    And thank you for your nice words Clinock….I actually think I have a pretty normal mind and an average pen, but I do have a critical mind combined with a child’s naivety and I am simply expressing as honestly as I can what is going through my mind…or what is left of it 🙂

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