A Beautiful Windy Northwest Day

Again I apologize for the poor photo quality produced by a cheap cell phone, but it is my only means for the time being.  The subject matter is what is important at the moment.  It is tough when you can’t use filters or zoom/wide-angle lens or a tripod or cropping…but they still surprisingly maintain some content.




3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Windy Northwest Day

  1. cheap cell phone or not these are brilliant photos. it’s not the quality of the camera but the quality of the photographer’s eye and perception that creates art.

    • Well, I used to use a 4×5 Arca Swiss and heavy tripod for landscapes…will return someday to that endeavor when feasible. I also think a good smaller camera for more spontaneous shots would be in order…but for now it is my little phone. I am glad you saw something in them.

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