America’s Financial Apocalypse — Mike Stathis

Have you ever stumbled upon an author or thinker that confirms your intuition and broad thoughts, but due to their higher expertise or intelligence refines or improves your understanding of those instincts?  Well, last night I stumbled upon just such a person – Mike Stathis.  Usually I find people of interest in Penguin Classics and the author has been dead for hundreds or thousands of years.  Normally, these authors I connect with are philosophers or poets.  My most recent discovery was Robinson Jeffers (poet), but he has been dead for a few decades.  I always connect with or admire authors that attempt to portray or explore the truth.  I don’t think many can know the truth in full, but very special individuals can attempt to be as objective as possible to at least seek the truth to the best of their ability.

I stumbled upon Mike Stathis as a result of my previous post (Inflation – Fuse to the Debt Bomb).  I wanted to read expert opinion of the risk of future inflation.  Based on my intuition and experience at the grocery store, bars, restaurants, and the gas pump, we are already experiencing higher than usual inflation despite what the government and the media report.  But I wanted to get some expert views on how bad inflation might get in the next few years.  I found an article by John William’s who argues we are going to experience hyperinflation, which would essentially make the dollar worthless.  I liked this article because it sided with my intuition that inflation is going to get worse and expose the financial Ponzi scheme created by Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, huge corporations, investment banks and banks, the government, and the media.  I also found that Ron Paul, the only presidential candidate I somewhat like sides with the argument that we are going to experience hyperinflation.

Hyperinflation is an extreme case of inflation so I also wanted to get some opposing views.  I then stumbled upon Mike Stathis who actually took John William’s argument head on piece by piece.   I was so impressed by his objectivity, knowledge, insight and the fact that he took the time to address the issue in such a methodical and logical manner.   I decided to do further research on who this guy was and suddenly realized I had found a gem.  I never expected to find a great philosophical mind that was also a finance/investor expert that attempts to portray the truth despite the consequences or loss of financial gain or media influence.

Mike puts forward a very interesting argument against hyperinflation and I am not going to recap that argument here, but I will provide the link. Dismantling-John-Williams-Hyperinflation-Predictions.html  I do want to make a few broad comments about his point of view regarding inflation and the economic future of America.  Although he doesn’t predict hyperinflation, he does believe we will experience inflation or massive inflation.  And I tend to align more with his argument than those that predict hyperinflation.  Those that predict hyperinflation claim that because the Federal Reserve keeps printing enormous amounts of money combined with no link to an asset like gold means the dollar will eventually become a worthless piece of toilet paper.

Mike makes a few key arguments that I never thought about.  He says the dollar is heavily linked to oil since oil is traded in U.S. dollars.  He also makes the same argument about commodities.  Therefore, as long as the dollar is the currency involved with these important transactions it will maintain worth.  I have probably over-simplified his argument, but it makes sense.  He also makes the argument that since the dollar is the key currency used in international trade that we actually export inflation and reduce the potential inflationary impacts on the United States when we print more money.  He also makes another important point.  Given oil is a key ingredient to supporting the value of the dollar, the U.S. will not hesitate from using its superior military power to prevent any attempt to begin trading oil in another currency.  Guess what?  Iran trades oil in a different currency than the U.S. dollar.  Where do you think World War III might ignite?  Look at the media focusing on the nuclear threat as opposed to Iran’s attempt to undermine the U.S. dollar as a means to trade oil.  Guess what other middle east country was attempting to create a mechanism to trade oil without the mighty U.S. dollar?  Yep, it was Iraq.

The other excellent point Mike argues is that the powers that be (Wall-Street, large corporations, the Federal Reserve, investment banks and banks, the government, and the media) will do everything in their power to prevent a major collapse or something like hyperinflation.  This argument challenges my previous post in which I stated the upcoming higher inflation will blow up the debt bomb and awaken American citizens to the Ponzi scheme.  But his argument makes much more logical sense.  Rather than allow a total collapse, the powers that be will continue to push-off dooms day well into the future.  As a result, what we will experience as normal U.S. citizens is a “Silent Great Depression”.  We will be put through a long and extended period of pain, but not the type of pain that erupts into a revolution.  In other words, the powers that be will continue to take all our assets and quality of life but ensure we can still limp along nibbling on bread crumbs to keep us relatively content.  This is a much more intelligent strategy.  In reality, the good American citizens should stand up and start a revolution and demand a complete overhaul of our country.  But the forces and powers will employ all their influence to subdue the masses of normal American citizens as to further draw milk from the cow.

Here is a link to Mike’s firm and website that has many interesting articles that you may wish to read.  AVA Investment Analytics

I must warn you that some of the articles are very controversial, but he attempts to express the truth based on his real life experience in the investment community.   He has also published several books.  The book on the above image (America’s Financial Apocalypse) was written before the recent economic collapse.  He has correctly predicted many economic events that we have experienced in the last decade.  I am going to purchase and read his books to learn more about his thoughts and predictions, but based on what I have read thus far, he is a voice to be taken seriously.  But, as with any author or great mind, one must always further probe and question their thoughts and points of view.

4 thoughts on “America’s Financial Apocalypse — Mike Stathis

  1. I think the hyperinflaton story is just too much doom and gloom. The elites will not let it happen. In the middle of your post you have it nailed down exactly how we are going to get out the financial mess of debt and money printing. It is that we will no longer have jobs that give you a raise, if they do, it will be less than inflation, if you invest in CD etc as a retiree you get less than 1 percent when inflation is 3 percent by the official gauge which is biased downward. Last year the S&P500 stock market only returned 2.5% inclusive of dividends. The point I am making is that the elites will slowly drain our purchasing power away from the middle class to prop up the system. There will be no hyperinflation, just a slow drain on your wages, quality of life, and investment earnings that will not match inflation. Even with only 3% inflation, no jobs, no pay raises, and no investment gains, you lose over half in around ten years. That is the track we are on. I believe it is called a form of “financial repression” technically in the economics literature written a long time ago, and it rears its ugly head every 75 years or so. It is our luck that that is now. It is really bad luck if the debacle throws you out of work completely. I am glad to see you reasoning\culling through the differnet thought strains. I sure hope no hyperinflation shows up because then we are all wiped out instantly, so the slow drain may be the least bad choice. You did a very nice post here.

    • Thanks Randel. I can only take credit for exploring different points of view. The credit goes to Mike Stathis for a more logical view of our economic future. I have very extreme and philosophical solutions that will never come to fruition, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be expressed. Mike deals with reality and that is what this post and recent posts are all about. Indeed, it really sucks that we have to go through this period, but I guess all we can do is bend over and take it….or….do something about it. The problem with doing something about it is that you get a lot of riff/raff that jumps on board with their agendas. To do something about it would require an enlightened populace and a few leaders with visions beyond just America. And that just isn’t going to come to fruition.

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