Spring is Budding


4 thoughts on “Spring is Budding

    • we enjoy the same weather patterns if you are in Vancouver BC or Vancouver Washington…if you are in BC then I think you get even nicer weather…love that city.

  1. this feels like as good as any place to jump in…Feb 7 with spring in the air and andy1076 reporting in from Vancouver. I’ve been catching up on postings missed while leading the decadent life in Mexico, and I’ve made it this far, mind dancing with your contemplations, ideas, poetry and photos…my brain is bursting, may I please be excused sir? Do you ever read back over your months of writing? Do you ever consider packing it all into a book? You have many dedicated followers who would buy a copy or two. me included. It may not make you rich but it would generate enough clams to keep you in fresh veggies and hootch! I’m serious TC…another contemplation for you. I will finish my duty free tequila and continue reading tonight until I am up to date or until the agave gods or your writing demolish me.
    And sincere thanks for all of your visits and ‘likes’ to art rat cafe, this means a lot to me. Also my invitation still stands to buy you a brew or three if you’re ever in Vancouver.

    • Clinock…thank you for reading through all those posts…it would certainly take ample amounts of tequila to get through them:) As far as a book goes, I am not the writer of the family….that is reserved for my older brother who is by all accounts a true author. And, why create a book to make money when I can provide my thoughts to a few people that may find them somewhat interesting for free 🙂 A sincere thank you for taking time to go through all those old posts.

      Once I get back on my feet I will certainly take you up on the Vancouver debauchery. It would be a great pleasure to meet you in person. I have seen a few of your recent posts and look forward to viewing your new paintings!

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