Wildly Free

One morning, I was driving on the freeway along with my fellow human beings.  I assume most of them were rushing to work fueled by oil, bills, wants, debt and compulsion.  I noticed a healthy Hawk perched on a cable above the freeway stoically staring at an open field.  I thought how wildly simple and free such a life would be.


18 thoughts on “Wildly Free

  1. I have thoughts like this almost every day. Then I remind myself that our ‘wild’ brothers aren’t really wild at all — they too live lives dominated by need and necessity, habit and routine; the only real difference is that our customs are self-generated, theirs inescapable. Sometimes this thought helps to extinguish my desire to just run and run into the woods and forget the way out.

    • You have that thought almost everyday? That must be torture;)

      I also get those feelings when I look at the ocean, the stars at night, or the clouds passing effortless overhead. Or, when I see a program on dolphins or Orcas.

      The beasts are driven by hunger no question about it. But they also enjoy enormous free time in between. In fact, after eating, what other mundane tasks are there to complete? What debt do they have to payoff? What other wants do they have beyond sex and periods of joy or play? And most important of all, they leave no trace or trash behind. They aren’t so foolish as to destroy the very thing upon which their primary need dependends upon.

    • We have the largest brain relative to body size of any animate creature we know of…and the all important tool called the opposable thumb. We have the potential to be more intelligent than animals. Whether or not we are smarter is the question at hand:)

    • You are a wise man. At the exteme, one could choose the life of the eunuch monk, but I will take the ideal of what human momentum could have achieved with me to the grave.

  2. Ah. Vampire Weather so wise, so seeing. Like the Eagles who soar above us with nary an uttered word to awaken those who fastly sleep. Untethering the self. The almighty challenge of life. Maslow’s Hierarchy was apt in most stages of human need but getting stuck in the self-actualization zone is a common malady. Still learning as I grow to one day soar.

  3. Hmmm. Intriguing responses to this one. I think at this point I might be willing to “trade in” my humanity to become such a magnificent creature just to experience their pure form of flight. The longer I live, the less the mightily lauded “benefits” of being human are apparent to me. It would be a difficult decision, to be sure . . . but in the end, to float on the wind like that, to be carried up by the summer thermals to the level of towering cumulus clouds, to be one with one’s wings free of contraptions and contrivances, not to mention gravity–I think the minor nuisances of necessity, such as hunting for prey on the ground or other birds below, might legitimately be offset by such an experience.

    A dear friend of mine, Sirenia, posted this song a while ago on her site that I think comes to close to capturing in music what such an experience might be like. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I have.

  4. Weird. I just saw this after commenting on todays post. Our hawks are making a comeback in a huge way. They used to only hang out in the mountains, never in town. I like it.

    • Yes, bring back the Hawks. I’d like to see them gouge out Lady Gaga’s eyes on the Red Carpet of the MTV Music Awards. Hawk On!

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