True Love

True Love is the grand enigma

Often obscured by human stigma

Two spirits growing not as one

Else in the end neither have won

Fate plays the leading role

Binding two by the soul

Free Will takes the reigns

Together as two we break the chains

True Love flows from the source

Perpetual force propels the course

Carves through rock in constant motion

Powering its way to the expansive ocean

Sunlight sparkles on the great expanse

Dew crawls up the beaming lance

Love transforms to a billowing height

Zeus hurls bolts with all his might

Thunder pounds ethereal life

Slicing false love in two with a knife

True love absorbs the rumble

Enjoys the power in their passionate tumble

8 thoughts on “True Love

      • I think you got it spot on TC, don’t know how you would check the hits, I just tweeted it from here, bit of a newbie when it comes to Twitter…I do know it was published in the “All about Abby Daily” it’s a paperli…because it bizarrely showed up as a mention for me, but when I checked it was definitely your poem with a direct link to your website 😊

    • LOL…rhyme and number of words and rhythm…poetry to full of rules…I often use rhyme for fun for it restricts word choice…I prefer the poems that have no rhyme but contain clarity and content. Perhaps I enjoy maxims and aphorisms or quotes most of all. Little clear concise nuggets 😉

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