Generation Skip — The Anti-Climax

I am happy to finish this little blog project – utopia makes me depressed and I am getting bored with the topic as are the few bloggers that receive the posts.  If I had the patience and skill-set to write a fiction book, I think this framework would make a great story with lots of twists and turns —  characters, plots, descriptions, love and war, would bring this dead subject alive.  But I would also have to provide answers to the below questions which would defeat the purpose of this little project.    In writing the questions below and given my self-imposed limitation to simply provide a framework for these beings, I realized this is an extremely boring post and almost considered not posting it.  But, I do think #3, #6, #10, and #11 are pretty interesting and would be the material for a creative fiction story.  Perhaps if I ever find a place to attempt fiction, this would be my primary material.

But there is one key take away from building this utopian framework.  A team, a culture, a society, is only as strong as its populace, as its lowest denominator and highest numerator, and all those in between.  The key is to raise the level of the populace as a whole yet allow the flexibility in the framework to treat each individual as a priceless piece of the puzzel and do everything in your power to enable that individual.  In the end, after all supportive efforts have been exhausted, the value, fulfillment, and direction of that individual is up to him or her to define. 

There are many big questions which arise from this utopian framework.  The beings that emerge from Generation Skip and their offspring must answer these questions which will define their evolution. 

1.  What will be their visions and purposes?  I imagine this would take several generations before they could begin to formulate and outline the answer to this primary question for reasons outlined in previous post on education.

2.  What sticks and carrots would they employ being a money less society?  How would the highly talented and value producers be recognized and rewarded relative to the low-end of the spectrum?  My general thoughts here are more free time, relatively nicer living arrangements, and more access to traveling abroad.  On the wild side, perhaps these value producers would have more access to females or males for mating rights just like brute strength in the natural world gets the harem.  But, in a higher culture, I would think that ultimately enlightenment and knowledge are most likely the ultimate rewards and incentives that would in turn drive the visions and purposes.  A more enlightened populace would be a beautiful sight to behold — I think.

3.  Would these beings be free to leave these utopian frameworks opting to live and exist in the outside world?  What happens if a utopian being falls in love with a non-utopian being and wants to bring the non-utopian being back to live in the utopian construct?  What about the reverse scenario?  I would hope the answer would be yes to all of the above, but if no, that would make a more interesting segment of a fiction book.

4.  How would politics function?  My thought here is part-time politicians or quite simply sages.  Money would be out of the picture (unless they decide it is necessary) so the only concerns to watch would be abuse of power and influence.  An enlightened culture should be aware of man’s historical weakness with power and influence and they should be capable of erecting preventative measures.  It would be fun to see how they struggle to contain this historic urge.

5.  How would they handle the conundrum between being human yet recognizing the immense impact we have on the environment upon which we depend?  Will they sacrifice certain pleasures and comforts for the sake of the environment, or will they elect a path similar to ours?  Will they impose restrictions on the number of infants they bring into their world, or will they follow our lead?  Will they innovate and create alternatives so that they don’t have to make so many sacrifices to live with certain pleasures and comforts?  Or, will they in fact embrace sacrifice as a means to progress and reach different levels of achievement which may differ from our definitions?

6.  How would they view and interact with the outside world?   Will they view us as a hindrance, a monstrosity, much like a teenager may view the parents as he or she grows into a more enlightened stage?  What would they do if they viewed the outside world as a threat to their existence and visions?  Would they ever contemplate using the power of their intellect to create a means to destroy us?  Ha…another good piece to add to the book of fiction.  Alternatively, would these utopian frameworks evolve into a more altruistic community, a sort of think tank, which attempts to help us solve some of our perpetual problems?  Would they attempt to engage in other matters like the Olympics, a traveling symphony, as guest lecturers, and other capacities?. Or, would they simply start to ignore us and simply go about their business in relative isolation aside from educational observations while traveling abroad? 

7.  How would the outside world view these utopian frameworks?  Would these utopian communities inspire change or the impulse to emulate?  Or would these constructs stir dark emotions like envy, scorn, and jealousy?  Would such dark emotions lead to an attack on these utopian societies?

8.  How would the multiple utopian frameworks interact with each other?  I argued for multiple site locations throughout the world for these utopian frameworks to encourage variation and experimentation.  How would these utopian frameworks associate with one another?  Would they ever contemplate war against the outer world or against one another?  If a war was to be fought amongst one another, how would such wars or conflicts be fought?  What weapons or games would be employed for such a purpose?  What spoils would go to the victor?  On the other end of the spectrum, would they embrace and adapt differences and learn from one another?  Would they have joint celebrations?  What would they celebrate?  Again, this would also be interesting material for a fiction book.

9.  What types of customs will arise in regards to man and woman?  Will there be such a concept as marriage?  What would the ceremony entail?  What would happen upon a breakup of the couple without money or housing being an issue?

10.  What would they celebrate or worship?  They would be exposed to all religions so would they in fact celebrate all the holidays and gods?  Would they make up their own gods?  Would they have gods? 

11.  Would they partay (spelling correct)?  Would they embrace alcohol, drugs, tobacco, crazy music, Dionysus?  Or would they be pristine and upright banning such behavior?  Personally, I would hope that on occasion they would embrace Dionysus and do so on a grand scale. 

Ok my friends, although this is anti-climatic, it is nevertheless finito.  Only fiction could bring this fictitious utopian framework alive.

7 thoughts on “Generation Skip — The Anti-Climax

  1. I’d rather they had no politicians and simply sages. And I’d say no to letting in the non-utopians. Ha ha.. I don’t know, I feel they would just ruin it like they ruined (are ruining) their planet. If one chose to emigrate out of the Utopia they’d have to just stay out. A little harsh maybe… Immigrants and returnees would have to conform to Utopian ways, and if they had any propositions based on things done/happening outside Utopia, these propositions would have to be vetted by the sages. No putting things to a public referendum. Voting is not as smart as it’s cut out to be. Unless ALL the voters are truly very smart indeed. A kilogram of sugar has been to sway votes in some parts of the world. My, we do really need some of this Utopia.

    I’ll tell you I laughed a bit when you asked “What would happen upon a breakup of the couple without money or housing being an issue?” To think it would be an issue in Utopia. Welcome to Africa. It happens everyday. Almost always the woman has to leave the house. Kid’s or no kids. “The man’s house” is a common term. She is kicked out, unless the man runs away. Rare. Except when he takes another wife. Polygamy. Would the Utopians take to polygamy, or monagamy? Or would polyandry be acceptable, as I once read it is in some far-flung parts of India? An exception is when the woman built it out of her pocket. A real world war always ensues if they built it together, each contributing funds. Wisdom in this part of the world is to leave house building to the man (they prefer it, anyway) and to make sure if something goes wrong you’re not left hanging. Three cheers for ‘Education for the Girl Child’! If the education brings her a job, and the job money, and the money a back-up plan/own house.

    Oh, I’d love if the Utopians would partaaay! Lol. Uuum…Dionysus? Google to the rescue!:)

    • LOL…you are more ruthless and direct in your approach. You want to seal that damn border and keep the heathens the hell out! LOL…I like it. I imagine you have a more interesting laboratory to observe human behavior. I have never been to Africa or more specifically Uganda, but based on what you shared about living there life appears to be tough with more extremes. You have often mentioned power outages and extreme government corruption. In the above comments you talk about buying votes with a gram of sugar and the apparent dictor-like control the man has over the woman (I realize this may be referring to other countries outside of Uganda). I would be very interested in hearing more about what it is like to live in Uganda from your perspective.

      I totally agree with your insight regarding the problem with giving voting power to a populace that can be bribed or as is the case in this country (United States) I fear large portions of the populace are too easily manipulated or swayed to vote this way or that. This is why I set up a utopian framework that attempts to develop a relatively intelligent and discerning populace. I think you understand better than most why Generation Skip is essential — educated young people that are ruled by older people already in power renders the young intelligent population powerless and ineffective. My only fear with giving complete power to a sage or a few sages is that even they could fall victim to forms of corruption. Ideally, we want a few visionaries and a populace supple, intelligent, and discerning enough to be able to see the logic and brilliance of those visionaries and therefore agree to put their full weight and energy behind these visions to make them become a reality.

      I think you also understand why I eliminated money. Money can flow so rapidly in a few directions resulting is misallocated wealth to extremes and thereby leaving large portions of the populace broke or at impoverished levels of existence. Money accumulation becomes a game that can be figured out and won by a few working together at the expense of the whole. Money accumulation becomes the primary goal.

      A divorce in these utopian frameworks really has nothing to do with homes, cars, money, and possessions…for these things are all available to the beings living in this framework. No one owns anything. Neither the man nor the woman in a relationship has any power or control as it relates to things. The only impact of divorce in this framework is two spirits deciding to go separate ways. If they have children, they may endure some impact, but again, the framework reduces the impact and control parents have over the development of their children.

      Your questions of polygamy and monagamy are interesting. Under this utopian framework, these questions would have to be answered. But, polygamy may be one woman selecting many men as opposed to our one-sided view of this phenomenon. I think if I wrote the fiction book on this framework, I may construct competitions in which men and woman have to earn the right to mate and have children. Such a construct would provide great material to produce drama and struggles as it relates to love and also attempts to align closer with some of the natural world mating competitions that occur among apex species. This would also provide a platform with which to limit population to a reasonable level.

  2. Dionysus was the God of Ecstasy, Theatre and Wine in Greek mythology…I agree TC such a world could never be possible outside a world of fiction…although I still like the idea of a world without money…these have been intriguing posts TC, maybe you should consider writing that book after all…😊

    • I quite honestly believe the human being could function without money, but it would require a re-set or reboot. I would love to write a fiction book and breath life into ideas, but I think fiction writing requires a certain touch that I don’t have. I like to just say what I want to say. Fiction requires more imagination, color, dialogue, character development, creativity, and most important of all patience.

  3. You are right brother–above all, it requires patience. It’s a lot like painting, in the ancient sense of the word–an accumulation of brushstrokes that create a unified whole.

    I wouldn’t rule out, though, that you have this “touch”.

    What I appreciate about the work you have done already:

    1. You have what I would describe as profound perspicacity with regards to the problems humanity faces and wants to ignore. I admire your will to look these problems right in the ugly face and not flinch. I appreciate your realism, and your unwillingness to allow shallow optimism to veil the harsh actuality of what we are confronted with.

    2. I also admire your unwillingness to settle for easy answers to these problems, for the myopic “win win solutions” that superficial idealists fall for and advance in this crucible we find ourselves in. Probably the only thing that is more of a problem than the problems we face is the problem of finding a solution to these problems. Again, I appreciate your realism in saying that basically nothing will do other than a reset or “reboot” or total rebirth from what “is”. I think you are completely right in this assessment. Anything less than this will fall far short. At the same time, getting to this is under these circumstances all but impossible. I’ve been waiting for the post entitled: “Generation Skip–Proposal”, dealing with the subject of how one would convince the world or “sell” your concept. Imagine attempting to make such a proposal before the United Nations or to the White House and the United States Congress. Your “hearing” would be cut short, if it were “heard” at all.

    I think I’ve made clear in some of my comments where I stand in relation to all of this. Unfortunately, the human being has set itself up for failure by creating problems for itself that cannot really be solved. It lacks the will to even recognize that the problems are problems, much less the will to face up to the harsh measures that are required to come to terms with and to some extent solve them. As such, things will only continue to rapidly get worse–1/8th-assed “answers” will be offered by 1/16th assed people if they are offered at all, and these will get implemented 1/32th of the time. Even more likely, humanity will bury its head in the sand and will have its exposed Ostrich body run over by the reality of these problems. It will perish drowning on the earth it came from as it is ass-raped and destroyed by the natural forces unleashed through its own negligence. And what do I say to this? Good fucking riddance. I was long ago cured of the delusion that there is much worth salvaging in this ridiculous race anyway: the exceptions no longer justify the rule for me–they condemn it.

    A few more rounds my friend, and then the Mountain . . . the snow . . . the Leap. I’ve never aspired to anything less than falling to my death from a Great Height. I know you feel the same way. Amor Fati. Let’s do it with fists clenched, faces ruthlessly affirming, and fire in our hearts.

    • Loved your comments. Yes, a post titled “proposal” would have been even more of a comedy than simply trying to create a basic framework for a utopian potential solution….which really is an attempted soft reboot without impacting what exists. Perhaps in the end, the human experiment quite simply failed and we will go the way of almost every other living creature that has walked, crawled, or flown on this earth…extinct. Perhaps we just aren’t wired to progress through our own free-will and intelligence. Could it be that once a creature breaks out of the harsh reality of nature and can comfortably sustain itself, that it in fact becomes complacent? Maybe our goal was to just get out of nature. If Orca’s were able to do the same in the future…would they in fact continue to progress or would they also become complacent, fat blubber sitting on the beach drinking Bud Light? Perhaps once the struggle is gone so then is the passion and will.

      As far as our death dance…I will give you a hug and let you take the leap…I just want to lie down in the snow in a isolated spot in the mountains…look up at the tree branches and clouds, smell the air, listen to the sounds, and slowly drift off with a big relaxed sigh….and I hope a wolf or bear or Eagle or Hawk comes by to fuel up for the winter…that would be a great honor. But…we all know such a death would be considered illegal. Why…because there is so much damn money to be earned from dieing people…even in the end someone figures out how to make a dime on a corpse…including the government should you be fortunate enough to have anything left in the bank.

  4. Since the literal meaning of Utopia is No Place, it seems fitting that you should end it there. I applaud your attempts to share your visions with many and I do think it would make a great book so don’t abandon your concepts just because you finished this online series. Cheers 🙂

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